Best solution to gear crisis - everybody please vote

Please let your opinion be known.

  • Unlock acts on current daily map (e.g can do act 3 without doing act 1 or 2)
  • Keep current map and bring old map back every 3-4 weeks
  • Unlock acts on current map and bring back old map periodically
  • Revert to old map entirely
  • Gear depot

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They won’t return to old ways so at least unlocked stages would be fine.

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I have plenty of gear and are a lowly good for nothing free player scrub without super max 6* teams.

It can’t be that bad.

Only thing I struggle with is t shirts and gloves.


I don’t care what they do as long as I can get a long coat tomorrow.

Too bad they will continue to ignore out feedback

Scopely going to do what they want no point voting this is new way of the gear.


So since there is going to be a gear depot now is gear still going to be in regular sd? Are we getting more characters in SD and the gear moved to gear depot?


Better option: Gold Radios for t3/t4 5* gear thats persona specific per stage with a 45k food per stage completion thats also farmable via world e. set Energy cost similar to current rm of boredom per run.

Leave sb/walkies, flaks, and beanies off the map entirely to give a reason to do the ‘Ultimate’ gear map


opinions have been known for 2 years…no longer giving feedback. Ill just troll like scopely does us.

Realize this, Scopely: Nobody wants your Gear Depot.

Cancel 9.2!!


They do not care! It’s like when beta told numerous times about errors, glitches, and lameness. They always put it live anyways. If you’ve played long enough you might remember when beta players said supply Depot was broken it still game out then they nerfed it by not allowing 1&2 star things to be sold for supply points. This is why I’m sure they’ll lower the food to original plans. They’ll probably also remove the food sections when live.


All of the reasons you listed are why you have no issue with gear lol

Why can’t they just do a stats bump for the current farms, increase the hourly output for every farm/level, leaves you with more food to turn into high replenish. I they want to solve our food problems this would be an easy one

They are familiar with stats bumps right?!


The old gear map isn’t coming back, time to get over it


I don’t particularly mind the new gear maps but the old way was better (assuming they showed up). I haven’t been gear locked since I got strong enough to do the maps (early 2016???) but I’m getting close on multiple traits now - especially since 4 of my 7 6* are/were hunters.

One or two old style maps a month couldn’t/shouldn’t hurt - it’s the same gear and the same cans.


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Youth isn‘t coming back either. Doesn‘t stop me from complaining about being old. lol


So it’s not really a crisis just a few complaining of a problem that does not represent the whole.

Like with taxes the rich often get breaks. Requesting alternatives is good but saying it’s the end of the world is a bit much.

More gear options would be good. Maybe revamp radios to give more gear and add gold which would give you your special gear to unlock more.

The great gear shortage of 2018 will soon be the great gear/food shortage of 2018. Its amazing though all this wood we have cant be exported for anything.


I need 18 Longcoats… Joshua, Sandy & Gator all stuck at T1. Need NVG for Wyatt. Not enough world cans left to hit the gearmap everyday, I’m down to 24 cans after the last few roadmap series… I have like 80 odd :fearful::fearful:


I’m 100% sure if some sort of tournament requiring wood existed, it would get nerfed too. They won’t do anything RE: wood because people already have tens of millions saved in the form of battle items. I suspect it’s also why there’s no rush to open the rest of the town. People would only have to sell their items and wait for the build times to finish and they’d be maxed out with little to no effort, and there’s no money in it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if upon the expansion of the town, a new game currency comes along with it. Iron/steel would make sense, and force people to start from scratch.