Best shield for an attack team... ?¿

I have seen many using shields on attack teams. Out of all the shields we have which is best to use on an attack team?

  • Jesus
  • Andrea
  • Koa
  • William
  • Magna
  • Ajax

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magna is best bcz she can impaire the enemy plus she can take lot of damage


Toss up between ajax and magna.

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Ajax with stun gun.

If he stuns the enemy they aren’t using their weapons next turn. Reduces the downside rng in battle. They also can not use actives. That can clear status effects. His rush, should he rush is nice.

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Katjaa. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


the best shield is the one u own!


yeh but everyone use stun resist mods on def. teams these days on the other hand people hardly use impare mods on def.

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Right now alot are covering for Diego.

2 turns of stun >> 3 turns of Impair


Red magna. The end.

Cheat mode. Why you gotta tell everyone.


Best shieled no shieled in atk .shield raid noobs!!!


Can’t believe people are voting koa i use him on atk and hes pure garbage. Hate him so much :joy:

One reason I really want Ajax is to put stun on him and run him in attack vs heavy green teams. When/If he rushes, he’ll do some damage as well.

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Biased as i only have magna and koa so don’t know how well the others hold up but i agree a red shield is always nice to try and force stun. However forcing impair works well too. Dont use a shield on my attack team atm but did use magna for awhile

Please add an option for:

“None, shield raiding is for noobs”


You can do shields on att teams but matters on the weapon on my blue team I used magna with impair

I was totally looking for the none option :slight_smile:
I don’t get the shield on attack , a guardian is usually more than enough for me . I wanna be ending raids / wars etc as quickly as possible not dragging them out
Maybe my perspective would change of rng ever granted me a better shield than Koa

Some of the highest scorers in the game would absolutely disagree with your statement.

Theres a few reasons obvious is to force an impair, stun ect or make it most probable, with mods ap drain became a huge pain so you can have a team ready to go turn 2 but if they get hit by ap drain can possibly change outcome of battle, also for same reason it blocks incoming hits of stun or impair, and a lot of players use victor, carson, or Kate as a buff/debuff (we dont all have Alice or diego) and this provides protection. Its not as matter of someone being a noob its maximizing you offense going off effectively as planned.

This was commonly used during 5*era also, just another tactic if one chooses…one could argue that using any combination of things is “noobish”.

"Real men/women raid with no mods, no special weapons, no focus toon, no leader skill toon, no decapitate toon, no disarm toon <— adding all those things are noobish, yo!