Best revive 6 stars?

What would be the top 3 best 6 star revive toons right now to pull for?

In before the inevitable hordes that will proclaim Alice as the greatest thing since sliced bread


Alice is probably the greatest revive since sliced bread


Alice is probably the best bread since sliced revive.


Im liking yellow rick with ad. But yes I love alice and think she is probably the greatest thing since sliced bread.


rick eric sandy best f2p revive in that order

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From my experience, I would go, in no particular order

Eric - Strictly speaking he’s not the ‘best’. It’s just that he’s everywhere. I wouldn’t say an ant was the worst insect until you pull up the floorboard and you find 50 gazillion of them, then I’d say they’re pretty annoying

Violet - It depends on who she’s around and yes she can eventually run out, but her evasion makes her tricky to predict a decap shot. Mess that up and you’re back to square one. Except it’s square -one because everyone is suddenly in a better position than they were at the start :confused: (Real heartbreak has happened here)

Holly - Only run into her a few times, but that evasion to all means I get roughly one turn between it ending and it starting again. When you run a Ty with 86 AP it takes approximately 4 years to fill under these conditions

This is actually a list of my worst 6* revives. Just flip the context around lol


Erika for me.

She’s outdated, red zeke does a better job

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My personal top 5

  1. Holly
  2. Gabriel

Defense or attack revives? And imo the better revives are the ones who revive first then buff/heal, etc

Alice is the number 1 attack lead toon for killing melee, we get it everyone but speaking from a just revive aspect, she isnt that good.

I would rather have a revive for something hp, heal, hp boost, defense buff, etc. Revive first then follow it with the heals and buffs or the revived toon doesnt get the heals and buffs

Not in any order but some of the tops for me would be…

Holly, she is a pain! Revive, fully heals herself and heals everyone else and that elusive is such a pain! Also shes gaurdian 2

Gabe, revive in his rush and active. Lets say you impair him, good he cant rush and revive the toon i killed but didnt decap… Bam! Active skill :sob: has heal all stat effects, stun, impair, bleed, burn, etc all removed

Dante, personal fav of mine, he was an amazing lead in his time and is great at healing and boosting defense, can heal self for 2 turns. Can hold a stun sword. I use him on one of my attack teams and he has saved my team a few times and turned the fight around from a loss to a win.

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Don’t sleep on my man Dominic


Eh not really, erika revives and gives to all not just 3 players, cool he has a universal leaderskill but its pretty bad. Sure erikas outdated but cant really compare her to red zeke.

Holly gets my vote. I hate her fkn elusive

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Well I struggle with red zeke teams morethan ericka teams

They both are pretty easy just use a disarm takes me only 3 turns usually :man_shrugging:

Can’t use what u don’t have

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If you didnt get him from the event where he was f2p sounds like a you problem. :man_shrugging: had both sandy and bruce before the event so I went and got sophia.



Despite Erika being dated she was a great toon for a year which for the way meta changes and toons lose use quick isn’t bad. She gives heal and hp. One of the best healers with a great lead. Shes useable on attack as well.
Erik is great with his stun cleanse and heal and buff. Dante is one of my favorites tho, stun sword, buff, heal, leader skill. Gabriel, cleanes everything and revives from as and revives. Also gives ap and heal and has awesome lead skill. Mackenzie is a great one too. They made way to many 6* revives. Practically every toon does like 10 things now and if they dont they look lacking.