Best range attack lead

I have Andrea in supp depot for sale and use Mira now for my range team. Is Andrea really worth it? Was waiting for Tyreese or Eric. I also just got Tara and Madison and Dwight ascended. Anyways who is the best range attack lead

  • Mirabelle
  • Wanderer
  • Spencer
  • Andrea
  • Dwight

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Tara is my fav Andrea is great for when I run my double disarm Michonne team tho tbh I would just go for eric

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Was thinking this tbh as i use mostly reds, lori, gov, etc dont have much blues

Where’s alice? I use her vs almost everything

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This is obv for all you F2P ofc


Some of us F2Ps don’t have Alice…


Got her on a single but andrea is wat i use also maybe tara from time to time.

gOt hEr On A siNgLe PuLl


WiTh tApJoY cOiNz


You can get erik via ascension as well. I use andrea on one of my main attacks and the huge ap makes a big difference

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Everyone pops earlier with Andrea!

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A huge difference you mean

Single pull is the FTP wae


iTs ThAt f2P gRiNd


U can ask in chat i got proof😂

Alice > every other lead

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I dont see op asking for the best F2P ranged lead.

I use also Tara would definitely use Alice if i had her. Ranged red def isn’t hard to raid these days.

Get andrea all the way if your f2p. She makes your ranged toons pop faster. Especially the super slow Tyreese. Andrea also rarely appears in my depot. Saw her one time in the last year and a half.

Eric can be had from 4-star ascension so if your low on tokens that’s another way to get him.

Naturally, as she is newest. AINEC
Power-creep is very real!

That’s like why she wasn’t included