Best raid win/loss ratio


Saw a post talking about Raid losses, so, anybody have an outstanding win/loss ratio? Personally, mine is 2,100 wins to 51 losses, but the top guy in Raids in my region has 8,000 wins and 60 losses. And sure, this can be a brag post. Why not?


174-13 is my best one out of all of my accounts :star_struck:


Nice! In my McCormick account, have an 80-0 ratio. Barely even look at that account anymore, though…


Did you cash in on that 99cent offer there a few weeks back for anniversary tokens?


No, I saw it in Offers, thought it was some weird joke and didn’t buy it on any of my accounts. Regret that so much now as it was real, sucks!!! But yeah, I have Ascendable Carl on that account, pulled him from 3* character tokens. Pretty useful!



Nice! Have the same exact number of losses that I do, and 1,000 more wins! Impressive.


I’m just rather selective of the people I raid lol


Jesus, these raid levels are cute.

Come back when you’ve passed 10,000 raids and lets see what you’ve got to.

Don’t get me wrong, my loss rate is about 1 in 20 which won’t be anywhere close to the best. But trying to put forward a mere handful of raids and claiming it’s a good ratio is a little silly.


Saw someone during the seeding process with 33k+ raid wins and < 100 losses. Pretty sure that player was from an ES or PT region. Pretty impressive but it doesn’t mean too much.


If it means anything, this is a rather new region and only one person got that many raid wins. Just give me another year or two lol


@Kanaima what like this :slight_smile:
Not as nice as others but it’s mine and I’m proud lol


About 98% win rate… a lot of losses came from forgetful timeouts or instant timer end :confused:


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