Best raid tourney rewards?

Since I started playing this game (8 months or so ago) I can’t remember ever seeing a raid tourney with decent rewards or a 5* as top milestone. Can anyone remember the best raid tourney rewards? Just curious to see what they were.

Yeah there were some really good ones for a while there. New 5 stars worth fighting for. I remember spending everything I had to get one of the new Jesus’s.

Raids wasn’t lucky enough to get the 5* milestone treatment, and the best rewards I can remember for raid milestones were a walkie/schoolbag or special event tokens.

In comparison to past raid events, lower placement ranks improved significantly, with top 100 getting 5* tokens. However, subjectively, most people would have preferred 10k 5* tokens or a 5* for top 10 instead of Lucille tokens.

There was that faction raid tourney not too long ago where they screwed up and put the prizes and prize structure of a solo tourney into the faction tourney. Can’t remember the 5*s that we got, but that’s as good as I ever remember faction raid tourneys being, prize-wise.

I think that was a faction LU, not raid. It was Guardian Rick, Green Morgan, and another character.

You are right. My bad. That’s where I got my green Morgan. Was Ben the third place prize?

Rick was 1st, Red Eugene for 2nd, and Green Drop lead Morgan for 3-7

Don’t believe so. I don’t really know.

I won rick in 2 region’s Put up alot I remember that event pretty clearly

It was Samurai Jesus 5* that was the faction raid prize…was short lived because 6s was on the horizon. That was the best faction raid prize, because he was the first and only 5 given for a faction raid Prize, and besides limited Michonne head Negan he was arguably the best melee leader, 45ap hard hitter, which scopely pretty much would not give as a war prize even for 1st place in war. As far as solo raids prizes command Jesus (gresus) got 2 raiders to drop 50k raid score racing for him before that the highest ever was 25k, that was during gresus hay day tho.

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Ahhhh yes! I won him in that faction raid. Pretty sad I haven’t even t4 him yet due to six stars. What a shame. He was really going to help my faction mates who missed out on LE Negan. Miss my quick melee teams :frowning:

A while ago in the summer I went crazy for the second place prize execution/impair yumiko with the flame compound bow I had thoughts of making a full bleed team yumiko,scout,some shield, thersea Knox probably could of been better executed… of course now useles lol but it was fun to mess with for a while back. Other than that haven’t seen too many decent rewards though. top 100 for 5k 5* tokens seems better than 1 pull of the Lucille wheel.

It would have been more effective to have a Hemorrhage team really… Sadly, bleed teams don’t work in any of the metas introduced so far.

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Very true I’d like to see hemorrhage 2 it was a surprising skill couldn’t be de buffed they only made what 2 characters with it (blue ascend abe , and yellow Maggie). Ah anyways on side note do you have any idea how the maim damage works from that new threat negan? The characters in the roadmap are too low power to see wtf it does lol

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Thanks mate!

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