Best Practices for Mobile Games

Capital Games, the guys behind SWGOH, give compensation for mistakes in the game some players never even know about. After fixing them in a timely manner, of course.

Epic Action, the guys behind FFXV: ANE as well. If a tournament or event is bugged, whether it impacted us or not, we get an apology and a small gift.

Scopely/IUGO If you’re going to spring unannounced changes to mechanics we’ve all come to rely on, like the display of an enemy toon’s health and the rate at which we can crit with crit focused teams, especially right before a large PVP event, the least you could do is follow the best practices and do your best to make up for the trouble it’s caused the players.


They still appear to care about the game. It’s not easy to code the changes they made, that took work, which wouldn’t have been done if they didn’t care. The problem is those changes were enough to impact most if not all players, and they weren’t announced or demonstrated or even noted in game.

I appreciate it when the floors are mopped, but at least put up a wet floor sign, guys.


And yet they never do. They only care about deleting posts.


Communication has always been scopelys biggest problem with its users. Every other mobile game I’ve played sends out an inbox message at least a couple times a week to keep players informed. The only scopely message I get on a constant basis is to head to recruits and rewards to spend your coin.


Best practices for the game? Nah…

It’s best practices to get you to spend by the game making you think it got harder. So you can bust out your wallet for those fills and not to mention this wonderful promo today cough shitty wheel update cough.

I’m sure this post will get deleted @Pablo


Did you ever notice that fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing? It’s hopeless, and I’m an optimist :cry:


I mean you make good points. But they have never cared beyond the immediate ‘lifetime value’ of a player. It’s as if they equate every pixel with a dollar value and treat it as if giving a raid can or world refill away is the same as if they handed each of us a $5.00 bill.

I’m going to go on a slight tangent now as I crossed on to the lifetime value topic but evidence of this being their driving force is that they do not have a strategy for dead or dying regions (every game experiences this natural decay). The LTV for those players are expected to be exhausted by time a region reaches this critical state and the only anticipated increase to these players LTV is if they were to start over in a new region.

Basically they are the worst of the worst. The gameplay is good which is what keeps us playing, but the game management is terrible.


Scopely used to give compensation, quite frequently actually.

Then the Knox fiasco happened and they largely deny by avoidance, issue isn’t there if they don’t see it.

There has been minor compensation in the last year, the bullshit token turd Albert Wei pumped out after his letter to the players excluded (more of an insult than a compensatory token)

Maybe the doubler daily rewards are some kind of compensation, hush money or appeasement to the masses?


No response @kalishane?