Best player ever

Has to be the best player ever!! Lol​:joy::joy:
S14 p9 with 80k war points already.
Guy plays like a p13 s18 war veteran.
These Russians sure do know how to produce some great players!! Time and time again we see these noobs appear taking wars by storm!! :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t really get your point? If this person warred ass off then tis achievable… 20k per match equates 4 matches?

If lower level faction be fighting lower level opponents


I dont think thats his point. But ok.

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I get his point as does the entire forums but either report correctly through right channels or quit posting it…

The pic in question shows a mid level player in mid level faction. If the player is their best and with match up get then again it’s perfectly feasible for them to score what have.

Hell probably using the low level general exploit to make it easier to gobble weak factions up.

Every war weekend several posts go up about alleged cheats an every time the response remains the same… admittedly some are quite blatant yet this frankly isn’t.

Not trying to be shitty an sorry if comes across poor in written format by the way.


Same I could say about you yanks. :joy: Not much better when it comes to such topics. Also in real life.

Greetings from good old Europe.

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have a look at what league he’s in too
doesbhagevs class frost fully maxed but like others say these days as long as u have rampage and princess, u are doing fine, I’m f2p and got rampage and princess, I scored 20k in a recent war against top teams, coined once lol

also with the recent gates could have gotten a lot of pulls and.gear for a few.bucks

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Only has 30k prestige also. This guy was pointed out last crw in that faction. Maxed rings on toons, etc. Impossible for the team, weapons, etc for that prestige.


Im an Aussie. Good guess tho

Was suspicious at first because of the time when you have posted. :rofl: At least I tried!

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В чем обман этого человека

That omerta faction is full of vk buyers and hackers. Most of them are prestige 7 to 11 and yes prestige 7 will beat your jacki trader trader rosita rosita team like they were 5* toons. And im not exaggerating. They have a perfected weapons and max rings toons. Can you do that as prestige 7? I dont think so.


Hey, us Americans are pretty cool.

Anybody else remember back in the day when shit like this would get posted on the forums and @CombatMan would look into it and take care of it himself. Ahh the good ole days


Lmao this game is all about money, hype and imaginary competition. They dont care.

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I just laugh when I come across someone who obviously spends hundreds of dollars every single month to be “the best” and his defense with all the latest promos still gets beat by a f2p squad led by a rampaging Priya. :laughing:

F2p can possibly beat a whales team, yes i do agree (and that gives me a bit of smile too when i beat them ) Thats been proven already by many who have rampage and princess. Prestige 10-11 yes it’s possible . But prestige 7-8 is suspicious. Especially if they have perfect weapons. Max ring toons with exclusive premiere toon. And they have only joined a league twice. It takes time to get a perfect weapons if you dont spend. Clearly as prestige 7-8 they did not spend.

Not in 1a region??? Scopely dont care


Title waving🤥

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