Best place to farm lilith


So, I need a lot of liliths to raise my ascended characters DA, but I haven’t found any on world map stages.
Where have you guys found them, and is there consensus on what is the best place to farm them?


I have had some luck in 18, the last one with 10 energy.


I’ve gotten them from 9.3, 13.2, 13.3, and 22.3. 13.2 seems to be the best for me personally though.


2 from 13.3 in last week - but you do need to farm heavily.


Tried and failed. Not had a single drop :frowning:


I also use a large drop leader Rosa. Use a drop leader from your faction if you don’t have one - medium drop leaders work as well.


Lilith is useless. Just use Adens to level 6* ARs. That’s what i do.


23.7 n .8 have gotten me a lot


I’ve only ever gotten her on 23.8, at least 6x, nowhere else.


Seems totally random. I got some from 13.5, since that is where I farm, some report that last stage of world map with prestige tokens gives the best result.


Totally random like most things in this game. I only got and i’m a pretty big farmer. Others on my faction can sometimes get one per day… Sometimes it really feels like some account have more luck that others xD


I’ve had close to 10 I’d say from 13.4. I only farm 13.4 and 7.4. Didn’t matter if I had a drop leader or faction supporter

Nothing in the last week or so though.


I use the Red Shane as leader, i have other drop leaders, but as they aren’t the team leader does that make any difference?


They have to be team lead or in your faction supporter slot.


Got you, didnt realise the support slot made the difference, you learn everyday!


23.8 for me also. Had 4 or 5 from there.


Hi chaz lol


Is totally random. A faction mate got a drop on SR.


Consider the support toon a 2nd leader - you get their leadership skills


Only 8.1 and higher can drop her