Best offers to get free coins?


With all these tap joy ads and ways to get coins which offers are best to do? Or should I stick with just watching ads?


Are Cake crates a good way to save up for an extra year 3 pull or half of one?


Dang I usually get none of the 5 star ascendables done 7 pulls so far


Are they decent ascendables which ones have u gotten so far


Well said how many should I save up for because watching ads is tiring

I only have 4 ascendanles total haha


Yeah I know but how many crates in total should I get cause I’m the type to open em all in the end


How many have you opened so far in total for all those ascendables?
I’ve been leaving my phone on auto and I’ve opened 2 crates so far for 4 stars but the added bonus of 4 star weapon tokens is nice as hell.


Nice. I’m planning 12 at this rate planned for tommorow.
I’ll update you how it goes and curse you if I don’t get an ascendable


Godamn you are active as hell


deal with this one kiddo


go commit kill

omg im gonna lose my account now


So… in response to OP: I had some good luck with offers for reaching levels of stuff for Lords Mobile and Blaze Of Battle recently. Currently waiting on support for a Final Fantasy one (if you do that one, for the love of god invest everything you have in stone. The resources in that shitshow are horrendously unbalanced early on).
There’s a ton like that: Reach X level for your Base/Town Hall/Citadel/City/Shitty backwoods outhouse in whatever cookie cutter edition of Timers: The Game.
The good news is that they’re all so similar once you’ve played one you’ve played them all and can just carry over strategies. Only build what you have to to level up your stupid main base, collect quest rewards, piggyback on a guild for bit, don’t hesitate to dump premium currency on resources, etc.


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