Best offer in the game?

This can’t be possible lol


As ridiculous as it is some whale bought it. Guaranteed.

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Doubt it. Provides no benefits to the whale.

I saw that earlier and it is without a doubt(besides the 19.99 100 Shogun shell) the WORST deal I’ve ever seen on this game. You can literally do a few SR maps and get what they off and more.

They are on drugs and they don’t care lol

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Don’t take things so literally. It’s a joke.

That being said if you think for a split second that not one player bought this particular awful “deal” then I don’t know what else to tell you because they wouldn’t keep offering up such overpriced and trashy deals if there were no takers for them.

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It costs them nothing to make offers.
They can make them as retarded as they want.

Som1 bought it for sure.Had some friends but won’t name names lol.

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