Best of the Best War Attack team Nov.2019

What in your guys opinion, is the top, absolute best attack team (war or otherwise) that can be put together right now with the toons available? Nov. 2019 Thanks

here is what I am using at the moment? Any suggestions.

This is my team. It really only has issues against payback teams, even pete teams take only like an extra 3 turns. And it’s usually like a 3-4 turn team. It’s nowhere near the best, but gets the job done

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Andrea Shield as Lead for rainbow Ap to all on attack. All the rest S Class: 2 Secretary Guo’s, Laopo, Hyungen.
Turn 1 activate Hyungens AS. Turn 2 the Guo’s activate their AS. Set up the team with weapons in such a way that the Guo #1 gives Ap to #2 and Laopo and #2 gives Ap to #1 and Hyungen (this will occur if all the Sclass have huge on attack Ap gain or if everybody has very large, but it needs to be the same). Turn 2 Hyungen and Laopo go off, meaning 2 are stunned with 1000 bleed and everybody on the opposing side is impaired and dazed. Turn 3 the Guo’s go off. At this point 2 opponents have 2700 bleed and Stun, the other 3 have 1700 bleed. Plus all the damage from the ARs themselves and the burns from the Guo’s AS. The opposing team can do very little in return since they are all impaired and dazed. If they have impair resists then the Stuns from Hyungen will be even more effective.
Oh and even if some revivers manage to resist stun and impair, there is the crosshairs being put on toons by Hyungen.


Nobody has 2 GAO s classes dude lol


This one works pretty well for me, I used it in this last CRW


This does the job for any team, including s17s


He said:

I assumed he was speaking theoretically. Guo is avaliable right now. Therefore that is the best attack team avaliable imo.

hows disarm mich do
mines dies fas6 er, been using sergio, not as good but stats a.bit higher

although u do have 30 rings

Get Priya lead and replace Kapoor and Pete

Does really good, priya gets focused somehow so much never dies

Works wonders for me


Too lazy to work on Regina’s weapon.

I believe OP is looking for the BEST (theoretical or seen somewhere) attack teams, not your own personal attack team. Cause if you’re using a non S-class Priya, that is not the BEST.

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