Best mods for Zachary? And what about active and his weapon?

Hey guys

Can you help me mod Zachary? :wink:

I guess weapon;

Huge on atk

And do you upgrade the active skill?

defence /health set: health/defence - defence tough - stun/impair resist - taunt resist - graze

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Definitely upgrade the active skill and make him as tanky as possible. I kept the crit on his weapon because I find haemorrhage to be really fun and useful but since he gets targeted a lot stun might be good.


Thanks :slight_smile:

If behind a shield, keep his crit and go with huge on attack and 40% defense. Hemorrhage can put in some damage over time. If you are feeling lucky with Earl, give him stun, huge bonus when attacking and 35% defense.

His mods, esp if you keep his crit special on his gun, go with HP set, defense, stun resist, impair resist, defense from blue/tough and graze or ap drain.

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But will I loose hermorrage if I take crit out and do stun on it ?

Hermorrage is good! See the pic.

And do hermorrage stack of I have 2 Zachary?

Hemorrhage is based on crit, you could give him stun and then give him a crit chance mod.

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Does it stack if you have 2 Zach’s ?

Yes bleeding stacks. People can generate crazy amounts of damage with bleed mods.

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I really like hemmorage

So ind the button left bleed mod ?

And does hermorrage stack? If having 2 Zach?

I don’t think it does.

It does however get doubled by a lacerator character


Okay thank, but I don’t think I have room for an lacerator / if running double Zach, with dr Stevens :slight_smile: that’s my plan - let’s see what happens.

It’s even better with Lacerator Shiva.

Super good with shiva!

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