Best mods for toons

I am asking a silly question here, but my yellow Romanov dies when anyone sneezes. So my question is…

Am I better off going for crit mods so he can kill like mad before someone looks at him the wrong way when he will die before they can blink, or should I put a set of mods which will boost his health/defence?

And should my weapons match my mods so crit for crit or should they compliment eg he is crit, the mods are health, my weapons do some jazzy defending?

If you see what I mean…

Thank you :wink:

There are two options with mods really; balance out a characters weakness or boost their strengths. If Romanov is dying you need a defence stat mod for sure.

However, assuming he’s on your main attack team I wouldn’t suggest using crit damage mods unless you’ve added crit chance to his weapon. Otherwise I bet he rarely cross which means he rarely gets the damage boost

My Romanov did the same thing as well. I had a defence mod but it didn’t help. I recently finally found a defence vs green mod on an attacking set and it helps much more.

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