Best mods for Pete

What mod set works best for Pete? Defense or HP?

depends on the weapon ur giving him. like if u give him hp set mods then u are getting extra hp so u need to balance out def by giving def on the weapon. and same for inverse. refelect damage , def vs tough, tanunt resist. on the weapon dont forget to give huge bonus when being attack. if u have him as the lead

Thanks! His weapon already has HP. I’m going to boost that and go with defense mods

umm sorry for late reply but wait for others to reply hear all others opinion. or if no one responds here till like few more hours and then try to ask about it in line. good luck

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I went with def mods for Pete and got 46%hp on his weapon

Not just pete for every def team toon always go for double resist … and as for pete go for focoused stun on wepone and stun+impair resist … and as mentioned above go for def if your wepone have HP … then def vs tough obviously and for bottom left i prefer def while confused more than reflect because priya. … :grin:

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I prefer to not alternate if you have a def bonus on your weapon you should go with defense set since the bonus will make it more worth while. Also I find defense is almost always better than hp

Agree, the effects stack and make for a very tough (as in badass, not blue) defense. Extra defense is good against direct atk (and rushes), extra HP against DOT, maim and trauma effects.

Basic weapon upgrade, my goal will be stun focus with cleanse on a generic weapon to swap with, in the meantime it ups his stats to 7,364 HP (9,573 if leader) and 6,528 Def (8,487 if leader) and 8,781 def vs Blue (11,415)

Double resist mods as already advised (though I face Princess and occasional Doc much more than Jacki in my region so Taunt resist mod makes more sense) and double stat as one stat mod under a different stat set. Def against blue is paramount, just miffed that 34.5% is the best I have among def/Hp sets…
The only aux mods I’m using are AP drain (all, except non-attackers), reflect (especially for shields and taunters) and eventually graze (for defense toons, if squishy and no reflect available).
As I am using Pete in my atk line up, he’s got AP drain, otherwise it would be clear reflect (to kill rampaging Priyas)


This is what I have for Pete now.

The mods are additive and so are applied after multipicative buffs. Therefore his weapons will not affect his mod additions, a +600def mod will still only give you +600 even if you have a +50% def weapon. So you can either double down on either the def or hp that you’ve gone for with his weapons, or spread the love and go for the opposite. What ever you feel like really.
I’ve gone for doubling down on Hp and given him a reflect mod. It also makes him more resistant to maim and DoT effects.

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Yep, later found out that the stat mods are a flat increase.

If anyone's math doesn't work like mine didn't, the answer is the weapon %.

Even though your weapon says 45%, the true percentage is based off multiplication of the individual upgrades as 1.3x1.05x1.05x1.05 = 1.5049125 or simply 50% boost

A such, applying a second stat mod onto the middle slot makes very little sense. You’re much better off to apply a second trait mod or even better a second resist mod.

@Padron66 - why the maim resist? Doesn’t make much sense, IMO, since Pete can remove maim damage with his active - Daze resist (against trader teams with Dazers) or Stun resist (against generally any team) would work better in most cases

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Thank you all for the help!