Best Mods for Mia?

So I had luck and pulled her on premier, what mods should I put on her?

Use the middle slot for a resist as the only things to combat more than 1 Mia revive chaining repeatedly is taunt/impair/stun, and tbf 1/3 of turns even impair won’t work as her active will just go off. So I’d say Taunt and Impair resists.
She doesn’t need attack buffs at all with her AR, so HP or Def type mods and a HP or Def in top left.
Top right, def up against blue first or def up against anything else if you don’t have a blue.
Bottom left, Graze. Reflect will be pointless as she will have massive def. If you don’t have graze, then an Ap down is always good, or a burn.

And a stun gun with Ap on attack and defence increase (or Ap on def).

I mention more than 1 because you have the guaranteed ability to gain a 2nd if you already have 1.

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You have to more spend to get the keys and you have to not ascend your first one until you have all the keys. It’s not likely.

Fair point. I’d still go with the above mods though even with only one.

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