Best mods for Luis?

Hey guys

I was so lucky to get Luis but I really don’t know how to Mod him?

Atm I was told to try HP mod with ATK…

The ones that have Loius how do you mod him?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Disarm toons have to have a crit chance mod on them, if they aren’t criting they arent disarming


I have HP atk in gold and ATK vs strong in gold too… but need scraps to move it around.

What do you think?


Your crit damage mod in the middle is perfectly useless. That needs to be a crit chance mod.



This one?

Yes, good choice

Correct! Obviously it’s better if it’s a gold mod, but yes that’s the right type of mod.

Better if you go with one of the gold crit chance mods, dont worry about trying to get them all in the hp set

Is it better to run attack mod on him or the hp attack is ok choice with the right crit mod and I’ll get green atk mod and green attack va green as well in gold so the attack will be the same ish

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Ahh okay, so HP attacking can be as good as the other, attack mod ?

This setup is better

Bane - which?

Go atk set, Crit chance mod, hp/ def mod, damage against green mod, resist whatever mod and bleed or burn mod

Is that better than HP atk mod ?

Like this but make sure its atk set


Ahh get it now… why not HP set with attack mod ?

The one i replied to. The attack set

Thanks :slight_smile: but why atk are over a hp if hp is attack stacked ?

Because set is certain amount as mod is chance

Luis is damage disarm- needs high damage/more crit

Harper is support disarm- needs survivability/more crit

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Ahh okay, will try that :slight_smile:

And ofc attack vs green if possible /

So the well balanced atk set is best