Best mods for bluechonne?

I’ve been messing around with her mods recently, she hits pretty hard but I’m not sure if I’m using her in the best way. Any ideas on what I should use to help her improve or should I just leave her the way she is?

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It looks solid to me. I’m not sure on the graze though, I’m not a big fan of graze due to how little is goes off, I prefer a defence wile stunned/impaired/confused, etc.

Crit dmg mod is a solid choice for bottom left spot

I went full crit. Only use her on attack and it works great!!


Does she have a higher damage output when she crits??

Yes, that is what the crit set does

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Yes!! I pop Harper ar, then Michonne, then blue Morgan. Depending on the number of revives, most battles are over round 3. Michonne kills 2 toons with her ar.

You want her to attack and deals damage, not survive. She’s glasscannon.

Here are my mods

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Glass cannon all the way

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