Best mod set on Aris


Hey so i was playing around with my Aris and had some mod ideas and wanted to know what yall think is better i have her on a Carl lead team and use her mainly as a defense toon cause i think she works better as a tanky time outer.

Set 1: Defense Mod Set

Set 1: Mod Set Behind a Carl Lead

Set 2: Health Mod Set

Set 2: Mod Set Behind a Carl Lead

  • Mod Set 1 is Better
  • Mod Set 2 is Better

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I’d go fill out attack on her that’s what I’ma do with mine once I get time to 6* her


I went with the balanced approach.


You have a carl lead? If so then how much stats does she have with the 40% Hp and Def



your hp set is lacking but regardless, if i had her i would go hp set. she gives bonus hp and htl will make up her differences.


What a screenshot! omg thats some high quality there buddy :+1:


I can’t tell if you’re being facetious…are you talking about the quality of my Aris or the actual photo? :rofl:


He means you could have Screenshot it


Eh it was easier to do it that way at the time.


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