Best level up score?


Just curious to see the highest anyone has gone fac or solo as an individual? Ty all


Ive seen over 10mil. My best was about 8mill


I’ve done 9 seen 12


I’ve seen 11 111 and he got banned the next day after winning


I once got 33 Billion

Source: my ass


Seen a guy get 26 million in a faction level up. A retirement all in thing.

My most in an event has been 11 million.


I’ve gotten 4.3 million


9million could of went 20 mill ez but not going to waste gear and food and characters if the 2nd place guy couldn’t compete


Some guy with 20million but apparently, it’s from all the Basils he got from the bugged John map recently.


You need a lot of coins to refresh the ygl scavenger mission after finishing it and a lot of trainers


Got 12.5mil the other day and only won it by 30k scored 15mil once about a year ago but I’ve seen higher

All my scores are FTP



I got 10kk

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