Best Jacki def team

I got Jacki in a very lucky pull when she was the promo toon; I’ve decided to try to pull her cause I thought she is potentially very useful against Mercer-Priya-Princess combo teams.
At my level (wave 2A) she is a very rare toon and I haven’t found her in wars or arenas so I don’t have any idea how more competent players use her.

Which is the best defense team with Jacki leader you have seen?
Or… which is the Jacki leader dream team?

(generally speaking… suppose that one have all available toons)

Thanks in advance for your replies

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Hi Mate - You Got A JACKIE!!! Well done there pal, I am super keen for a Jackie of my own, and had a go for her when she came out, but I was not as lucky as your good self.

I came across her once in war, but she was undeveloped, and paired with other undeveloped toons (T2 Ivanova etc.) and she really didn’t last long for me to get an opinion.

So for my team, I was thinking of running her as a lead, with Hengyen and Daiyu, So Hengyen will fire his active while the other team is confused, for an ap boost, and then when he rushes, Daiyu will lacerate his bleed damage. I would then run Dylan, who would benefit from her lead skill, then if I was lucky enough I would run The Trader if I had him, if not I would use my Christa, for raw power and that def down active.

She is really rear - you have a good opportunity here to be a Pioneer in Jackie Tactics! Have fun with her, and just experiment, you will hit some good combo’s with her.


Jackie aarav (20Pa & 15/35 wep) aarav (20Pa &15/35) maggie command 8pa maggie command 8pa. Atk & def… t1 rush… anti mercer :joy:

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T1 Def, although easily counterable depending on what the attacker attacks with

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Yep… ‘easy’ come and get some :joy:

t1 one defences are very easily counterable now in numerous ways, take in a jacki v that jacki team, or a mercer, or load up on paybacks and it neuters the effectiveness immediately

Thats just 3 ways to counter it

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this is a good one!!

is the AI smart enough to use to toons in the right sequence?

Exhaust does the trick as well.

So easy to Counter!!

Imho theres no best team, u need to try teams and see for urself via duel.
Maybe a simple team u can try is jaki and 2 traders and choose from the ff other toons: command Rick, rosita, frost, payback shiva, etc.



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As Defense Team
Jackie - Doc (AP) - Dale - Raven - Aarav
Those Toons should be available.
Weapons are important to gain ap and on the yellows u should have healing

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very smart combo

That team gets wrecked :slight_smile:

Every Defense get wrecked.
And asong they didnt fix Jackie Bug she is no opppnent for Mercer.
Because she has 75% oder Stun resistent but is 100% stuned. :roll_eyes:

some Jacki’s team I’ve found on Link’s videos

I’ve found using her as the lead toon works the best.

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