Best green Command - Kelly, Glenn or Connie?

  • Kelly
  • Glenn
  • Connie

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Is SP Glenn still worth to get?

I have Glenn and havent used him since ages. Kelly is in league shop now. Would be nice to get Connie … But who is best here for offence team? Appreciate comments!


Connie is the best if you have another buffer in your team (SR Zeke is great).


Interesting … he doesnt do any dmg so Im guessing you all choose him due to buff and confuse? I dont have any other buffers in the team.


Glenn and Connie are solid.

Kelley doesn’t add anything.


Glenn for sure


Glenn, but you have to tank him out so he can survive.


Glenn if you don’t have another support char on your team, Connie if you do. Kelly seems useful to me so he’s a close 3rd.


It’s like very few people realize just how good Kelly can be. Both his AR and active increases AP and he taunts. He doesn’t buff like Glenn but he’ll make your team faster and they’re other 6* that can buff attack and/or defense.


True however the ap gain can come from Carl.

The command is what it is, but in all honest the ap is better if it fits your strategy as you don’t lose as many toon turns.

Glenn provides massive boost great for killing and providing great survivability. The confuse is a bonus.

Connie is basically a free turn assuming the are not focused.


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