Best feature ever

I left beta and uninstalled and now it wont let me install again…NICE

would that be becuase your trying to install the beta version

They recommend not to leave a beta build till it’s over

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Join back beta.

Find the link in that post to become a tester and enroll in beta again.

Think they are doing you a favour. Take the chance to escape before you get sucked back in.

@TheSteve please follow the instruction provided by @Neothedead and you should be all set.


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I just waited 10 minutes and now it let’s me download it so all good.

I downloaded the game but now it puts me here again

Beta is full

Joined beta again but the error still comes…

You have to let the beta program catch back up, could take a few hours before you get the right client download offered.

Alternatively get someone else in beta to backup the beta apk and send to you, install that APK and issue will be resolved

Got it fixed by just getting beta on by uninstalling and installing while alredy being on beta

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