Best / favourite 6 stars toons?

Since the 6* era is almost at it’s end, I would like which 6* are the best and which ones you like the most?

Doc on attack, others still viable Raven Scarr Wangfa is useable as a 6*

Michelle was (still is) a great toon and one i’d like to make more use of when i get some yellow S class toons.
She really revitalised my teams at a time my f2p ass was struggling to keep going


Had so much fun rocking a pair of Ambers until pete teams put an end to my fun. That was a good 10 pull

My top 5 favourite 6*


Definately Michelle outstanding toon from a decent event…

Also yellow decap weyland


Nice, my fav’s are Roadie, Mia and Scarr.
Been trying to get Mia for sooo long. I tried for scarr in this weeks offer but got Zhu and Sergio -,-

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Alice, Amber, Camila, Harper, Doc, Raven, Dale, Maggie, Zander, Glenn… There are many that still have their uses


Alice,Amber,Mia and Diego are my favs.

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Wayland he was fun to use and extremely powerful in his time.

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Damn I missed loads

Camilla, Raven, for a long while although he was derided Kal, Zander even though I got him in the Sclass era, Doc, Blue Morgan, Blue Carl, GS Rick, GS Glenn, GS Hershal… I’m sure I’m missing a few quality ones. Always wanted Harper and Dale but never got them.

Diego, he was king


Think I got yours. I got 2 scarrs in my second region…

Michelle, Christa, Rick, Michonne, Chris, Alpha(green), Carl,

Wander and mira together were deadly with stun weapons

I agree with you that Michelle is a great toon. I still use her and she is still badass!!

Tobin, the most powerful 6* ranged toon ever (without considering Priya since she is a S toon).

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Ambereigo !! :heart: Best Duo in 6* Era

Damnit, I wish I could trade lol