Best f2p regions? Do they exist? ;P



Wondering what regions are best for f2p. If you know of any, feel free to share.


Dead ones.


all but a few whales who came in Spalding is free to play for the most part



if there are, would be wise not to advertise them on the forums


Taylor is kinda dead but a new active faction joined and they’re mostly f2p. Not a bad option


There’s always the option to private message. :wink:


i would love to find one lol


Honestly your best off building one.

Ask for screen shots before sharing Atlantis.

Do not encourage factions to join, individuals only.

Be ready to move Atlantis at a moments notice.


Go Boone
Although marjority Chinese
Yet still kind of multicultural

English works

Most of them F2P
And they are strong and friendly
Pretty Active Region
Even there are whales
They know the limit to keep the region survive

Wins a lot in CRW


Boone is OP. Their top faction was able to compete w SOA (which are hackers)


Boone is far from being “mostly ftp”


They are mostly f2p


I’d say compared to bells and Colombia they could be considered as f2p.


Irwin is mostly f2p not too many whales


Except walking dead elite has two sister factions and basically runs the whole region. But sure


Gilmer come join me in killasgraveyard faction. Laid back everyday people in it.
Most spenders left the region so we got room to grow plus shared territories. Sometimes people put in weak defense for raid events, though I’ve noticed a lot say they are but still have stuff or higher, doesn’t matter we still have fun.


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