Best defense down toon

Just wondering who is everyones favorite. With the high hp defense out there, this is one of the best to have on an attack team.

Who do you like?



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5* Victor w/8%ap knife

Honourable mention, 5* Carson, 50 def/att down


I use Jeremiah and he has been great so far.


I love Carson. Do not have Wanderer or Jeremiah :slightly_frowning_face:

I am trying Sophia out right now, not as good as Carson lol

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Victor still gets a lot of love here, otherwise Jeremiah.

Why go for defense down when you can get 50% attack up, focus and heal for 30% hp for 2 turns to the whole team with the best 5 star out there right now, Kate? What was that? You have a shield, oh that’s cute, everyone gets focus!


I really think you should remove that comment, don’t give the game away ffs!!




The defence down 6* stars I have are spencer, Laura and jeramiah out of the ones I have Jeremiah is by far my favourite as he does -70 defence to 3 enemy’s for 2 turns and buffs 70 defence up to 2 turns to 3 teammates and his outlast is pritty cool. Laura is still good to use with her retribution 2 and spencer has is strengths like his good leader skill and stun.


Victor is first favorite because unlike Sandy, I don’t have to worry about going after one specific enemy. I could just apply Def Down to the entire enemy team and pick them off for the next three turns. That and the debuff lasts an extra turn, is slightly stronger than Sandy’s, and can be applied again a turn earlier before it wears off.

I have tried Kate, but still keep going back to Carson. I havent tried Connor, I will test him on my attack team.

Laura is great especially against Erika teams but that’s basically her only use for me Jeremiah is also very nice and fa Tara too

I love victor, and use him still on an attack team, but just to clarify, his def down is only applied to all adjacent, so the middle toon needs to be the one attacked. Which isn’t always possible if a shield is up and no focus

Still, a great toon that I also still use

Yeah, I guess I worded that wrong. With Sandy, I don’t always go after the center enemy because way too often, I need to damage a toon in the corner so Waste Not hits someone else. So the debuff is always going to three people instead of everyone.

Victor + Kate are an unlikely match made in attacking heaven

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Fa tara and jeremiah combo works great

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Y’all are underestimating 5* magna shield buff, +60 attack to 3 of your homies and -60 defense and impair to 3 enemies not to mention very fast ar.


Just wondering, what does the 8%AP knife do for you?

Tend to have one on him and Kate, plus a bonus ap on tyreese, just makes him pop off quicker, as well as a huge ap lead