Best combat mods for disarm Bruce?

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Please share your best combat mod setup for bruce. Pictures shall be appreciated more

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I’d say it depends on your playstyle. Crit Chance mod is mandatory. I wanted him to be beefier. However, all I had for now was an HP set. This is what it looks like, I’ll definitely go for more DEF when the next free mod removal is up.

Either attack set, with a crit chance and crit damage or other options are ap drain and graze… or you can gor crit damage set.
Best advice I can give is on free mod removal coming up to play around with different ideas. See what fits your team. It all depends on your setup and play style.

What is -40% graze? I’ve collected a zillion mods and don’t think I’ve seen anything called a graze mod?

Reduces the incoming damage by the percentage

How’d you get a zillion? I got 1k and it said my storage was full


crit set with crit chance, attack, and crit damage +2 others or
attack set with crit chance, attack, and crit damage +2 others

if you aren’t absolutely flush with gold mods i’d go with whichever of the two you have at your disposal (silver mods with good %'s work too)

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