Best characters?



Been trying to figure our what are the best characters in TWD Road to Survival. If anyone has the most recent top 10 or 20 or whatever, please comment on this topic. Thank you


The Best of the Best, No Doubt



Saw a team of Caleb in war yesterday. All with stun weapons so large, their knees were visibly shaking. It was certain I was scared.


Weird flex but ok.


Cool story bro


Impair AND stun, great leader skill, incredible character design, the list goes on. Craig is a one man army.



I’m talking the best 6 stars


my yvette is awesome


6 1 Stars?

Okay, then I add:
Clifton and Jody


Red Harlan.


Yellow negan by far!


I got Naya from the league store yesterday and have to say I’m very happy. Having said that I’ve just ascended Rosita alert to legend and extremely happy :slight_smile:


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