Best Characters in game, ranked

A clever lad or lass from the other forum used to put this list together, and am wondering if they are around to do it with all our new 6*s?

We know the “best” and the “worst” few, but there are quite a number now that I for one, am curious as to where the fit in the ranking.

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My ranking:
45) Shane
44) Jessie
43) Rosita
42) Green Negan
41) Beta
40) Jesus
39) Y Began
38) Morgan (Comes Out Soon)
37) Yumi
36) Barker
35) Eugene (Comes Out soon)
34) Vincent
33) Madison
32) Yvette
31) Christmas Shiva
30) Blue Zeke
29) Tara
28) Lucas
27) Abe
26) Andrea


25) Wyatt
24) Joshua
23) Viktor
22) Alpha
21) Rick
20) Garrett
19) Sandy
18) Richard
17) Jeremiah
16) Kelly (Comes Out Soon)
15) Maggie
14) Glenn
13) Governor
12) Gator
11) Michonne
10) Dwight
9) Ty
8) Hershel
7) Guardian Ezekiel
6) Siddiq
5) Neutralize Governor (STILL NOT OUT YET:frowning: )
4) Mirabelle
3) Carl
2) Shiva

  1. Erika

Feel free to ask why certain characters are in their positions. These are my opinions, and they are subject to change. To be honest, most of these characters aren’t bad, so it’s very subjective.

I think Glenn is better than gator personally. But that’s my opinion and you’re entitled to yours. Good list overall mines different in a few places but I’m too lazy to type it all out. :joy:

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Obviously you don’t like tough characters. lol

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Very subjective. Many characters are awesome because of the weapons they can wield or the leaders they can sit behind but get those things wrong and they’re pretty poo.

However, I’d suggest your list looks reasonable. Tyreese should definitely be higher.

Yumi does not get the love she deserves. Her active is a turn 2 contuse 1 for 2 turns. This has been invaluable for me in stopping anyone who still uses a human shield or stopping someones ar from going off. She hits like a ton of bricks especially when her weapon bonus kicks in. Her burn for 400 damage to 2 toons for 3 turns and its jump ability is amazing. Her stats still put her at the 5th strongest toon in the game. All this and she is f2p.

She is not for defense but on offense she is incredible in my opinion.


Yeah gator is where he is because he’s the only 6 star dropper. My list takes into account both battle strength, and how relevant a character is/will be

Ok yeah changed it slightly. Swapped him and gator

Most characters are good on attack. In order to get high on the list, having multiple uses, or being essential to a certain strategy are good; hence why leads are so high. Yumiko does ok on attack, but on defense she’s pretty pisspoor.

Gotcha. So it’s a def biased list. Lots of those.


Yep. Send yours :wink:

Agreed yumi is very underrated on offense


Agree that on def she is not great unless you take the time to put impair on her crossbow but then you loose the trait bonus which for me hits most of the time.

Most people think Shiva and Erika are the best toons in the game but I can argue that on def neither one of them are good. I never allow them to go off. I have Yumi, Dwight and Ty. All three of their active skills can shut down any toon even if its shielded by Zeke. So as badass as Shiva is she is long dead before she can go off. Same with Erika. Faced her dozens of times not once did she ever get her ar off on me. So it is subjective.

Love the list and as with every topic its all open for debate. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

And your bottom 3 are 100% on the money! They are truly awful.


Would be better to rank by offense then again by defense.

Imo Rick is under represented. He was pretty beast behind Erika. If he gets you you are in trouble. On offense he’s not useful unless paired with Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is beast on offense. Allows you to 1 or 2 shot any other toon put there.

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Yeah honestly I like both of those.

Yeah like anything composition over individual toon capability.

Agree Erika is versatile even if placed on a melee team forces a different way of playing. Shiva control makes her offense and defense effective. Mirabell is well rounded and neuter gov will be a huge asset.

I’d rank hershel over guardian zeke only cause he can hold a stun gun, but abs defense is also hugely effective and the blue powers can kill hershel pretty quickly.

Michonne gator Maggie surprise me. I’ve yet to see them really be a game changer but I’m sure depends on your individual strength.

Overall good list. Maybe I’ll take a gander at listing them by my preference later today if I find the time.

Thanks mate. Yea it’s mainly about the teams. Lika for example Alpha is trash without Dwight, Wyatt is trash without Carl, etc.

Who does everyone pair Jeremiah with?