Best characters hairstyles

I’m considering styling my hair like Louis, so give your opinion about best game hairstyles and secondly tell me what’s that hairstyle’s name, I don’t wanna look like a noob when I go to the hairstylist

Just go full Jackson. I think it is called shaved or bald…


This boi


Never realized how much he looks like Hugh Jackman

Go with Ezekiel hair, Carl. you would look good with it!

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BAC has left the thread loool

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Davie, so far.

You need to rock down to the stylist and demand the “Negan”


In order:

  1. Aiko
  2. Yumiko

First is Charlie

Bro do you even Tye badass red colored mohawk??

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Darius. Obvs. Everyone loves a good mullet

Boi you gotta get Leon or gator
Don’t get princess hair doe
That’s bad hair

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I had a friend who went in asking for a wolverine and with much sucking of teeth was told his hair was rapidly thinning and a wolverine wouldn’t take. Within six months, he was totally bald.

Also, you need to consider your face shape.

So don’t get your hopes up, whatever you go for. As a girl, where hair is usually more of an issue, I can tell you from bitter personal experience that not every hairstyle suits your hair.

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Morgan and ryker by far


Base your style around that bad boy and the world is your oyster.

Ambers i wanna see the manager hairstyle is so hardcore

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Look like he about to do something insane.