Best character in-game model


I’m still upset that I started playing too late to claim Limited edition Negan, he was a great toon with a sick look(though I would probably never had him due to rarity of Michonnes head lol)
My favs are


Blade-handed Rick is just too epic. Still wish he hand a hand there and with the blade above his wrist. That would make a perfect Assasin’s Creed reference, if it doesn’t already do.

Negan looks pretty badass with all the chains and the neckchief covering half of his face. Does show off how much of a villain he is if it hasn’t pointed out enough already, but I still say Blad Rick is the best!


Governor with the toddler walker on his back is pretty sweet. Personally, I always liked the looks on 5* Barker and Wanderer as well.


Yeah, those are great


Fast Barker reminds me a lot of Scarecrow from Batman. Wanderer too, though he’s more mysterious than Barker himself. Barker still wins because of the awesome scythes.


I raise you yellow Sawyer and the armored cat.


Yeah, those blades make him look like a Japanese martial arts character. I like the originality on him.


I love the way he squat :joy: #JustSlavicThings


I do like hospital Rick.

For pure looks though, I’d have to go for either Flamethrower Romonov or Rocket launcher Abe. Think I’d go for Abe.

Really like shield Michonne holding the decapitated head too, & the Governor with his daughter in his backpack.

And Battlecat, Been loads of great ones.


I also like the kinda badass look of Gatherer Michonne.


Why does he look feminine to me there!!



Gator all the way. Plus Gator actually wears the equipment that you feed him for tier 4 (A radio/schoolbag on his waist.)


Well, you’re in luck because those guys might be in the 5* wheels, but we can’t see them. I won’t tell who I got today those. :laughing:


Just pulled All out war Rick, yaaay!


One Word!



Whispers Rick - Perfect canon from the comics.

Fave looking toons tho is Whispers Jesus and OG Morgan.

Morgan windbreaker is the fucking bomb. He looks like he was filming a remake of Back to the future when he got caught up in the zombie apocofuckup.