Best Bluechonne mods

I’m finally able to get my first premier toon and it was this amazing girl.
I would like to know which set of mods do you recommend for her, as I’m going to use her only on an attack team :thinking:

Another thing, which toon would you pull out of this team to put Michonne in?

Your mods style is clearly to make glass cannons, so i’d suggest you probably mod Michonne in the same way.

Personally, i’d look at a defence set with a attack stat defence set and defence stat defence set as the two stat modifiers.

Alternatively, from what I’ve seen from Michonne owners, give her weapon +Crit, and give her a crit damage set of mods. She’ll not only confuse more, but also do more damage.

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I’m thinking on a set with attack (or defense), crit prob, + crit dmg, confuse resist and +attack against alert :thinking:

1539175848156 i would do something like that, crit chance mod is a must imo and i would replace mira in that team because i only use her for recover stun and with disarm you wont need it too much


you could repalce lori neutralize is becoming less useful on defense stun can still stop shield

Lori has focus tho and that’s key in battle

Atk set,
crit dmg
atk against blue/green/yellow (choose one)
resist stun/impair

Your welcome

Weapon build, 35 crit, huge apa, confuse

35 crit because this is your only disarm so primary role is just turning off the other sides. Crit dmg makes up for loss of atk on weapon.

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Attack set
Crit chance
Crit damage
Attack against Blue (to shred Magnas) or yellows (against the Jesus/Ty etc…)
Resist stun/impair

Weapon: Crit / Huge ap on atk / confuse

Basically what Wandered said

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I was sceptic about the +35 crit weapon specially because Michonne Could hit so strong… I mean, with good mods she could climb up to 3000 attack stat, without the potential +40 Atk weapon! And I imagine that if she could hit, she will Kill everything. And then, you will have crit bonus because of her AR so it will be done. But… I don’t know which path should I choose right now. Both of them are great.
I already have huge AP on her weapon. That’s something. Je.

If your crit mod is a 40+ roll (45+ prefered), can be good to make Shonne wpn ATK/AP. If its a lesser crit roll, make her wpn CRIT/AP, otherwise her disarm will fail you a lot. Critical stacking is done by diminishing odds, the more you have, the lesser it impacts, 100 crit isnt 100% chance to crit, its around 80…

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100% agree with your thought process.

I generally try to design for battle consistency. As such, I like to ensure the disarm triggers as much as possible so I don’t end with 2-3 impaired toons, then causing me to waste a michonne turn using her active.

With atk she does destroy… Like everything

With crit, you push it over 60% chance to crit on your opening hit. You also get the crit dmg likelihood up while she is rushing, so that somewhat makes up for it.

Indeed a tough choice, I’d actually like 1 of each.

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Non-linear yes, but if you think of it as hits triggered vs hits not triggered, it’s more linear. 80% - 90% chance is a 4 of 5 to 9 of 10 change. Not insignificant.

Not insignificant indeed, but crit loses efficiency the more you have. So after a certain value, its more benefitial to have other stats

Except her hlrush can crit. So it’s jot like it’s completely non functional, where as in a normal rush situation i would definitely add more atk.

Just sharing perspective. Neither build is wrong. Depends on play style and whether you need her killing or disarming.

Got the dev post. 100 crit is 2/3 chance, so the diminishing returns is even a bit higher than i had tought, 66% crit for 100 crit value

I indeed have a +40 crit mod, and as I read in your quote, it seems that more doesn’t mean better :thinking:

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More means better, but not much better because of crit diminishing odds lol. From the developer post, 20 crit is near 20% crit chance and 100 crit is near 66% crit chance, so it starts as a solid 1-1 % value, and the chance/crit decreases the higher the value of the stat. So taking an estimated guess:

1: Shonne with only 45 crit mod: 10 (crit base value, all toons have) + 45 = 55 total crit, Near 45~50% chance by diminishing odds maybe (still on the low end of crit %, so it isnt reduced very much).

2: Shonne with 45 crit mod and 35 crit wpn: 10 (base value) + 45 (mod) + 35(wpn) = 90 crit, from what the devs said, this should be near 60% chance maybe

So you will get only 10~15% crit chance from your 35 crit weapon if your mod have a high rool already. Then maybe a 40% atk on slot 1 is more benefitial, as weapon atk/def % is multiplied by lead %, leading to higher values than the flat base 40%.

If your aim is to always disarm tho, 10~15% extra chance will be benefitial, even being low. Personally i would prefer the huge increase in ATK. but all choices are cool.


Thanks for your reply, thanks to The Wanderer as well, your info will help me a lot to make Michonne into an awesome killer :wink:

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