Best attack teams at the moment

Need advice on the best attack teams in the game atm, not including Mercer as I don’t have him,

degio doc zander amber priya


Don’t like that one

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oh you will ofc ref is ■■■■ when it works but you know

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soy jugador gratis así que no tengo mucho…
diego líder
glen comando
priya S
bruce desarme
Escudo jesus

To many turns good thou

3 turns when your main dmg dealer does not die…

Who can show me a turn 2 team🤗

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I could but you have send me your cc details :wink:

could do turn one with michelle lead %8 maggie %8 two docs and S class Aarav %8

Only 1 doc 2 Aarav damn


In all seriousness depends on what toons have. From what seen long as got least 3 sclass can do fairly well on attack. If have good luck or deep pockets sure be able to design stupidly good team

Personally I run Michelle lead with Henygen Pete, Christa and Kapoor… all Sclass lowest being T3. With mods and weps run through most teams


Angel may take a extra turn now. But kills most two turns. Both priyas have double attack and rampage. May have to swap back to daze on one vs angel teams.

rampage the worst thing to happen to this game, players with no skill can become good just by getting a lucky craft


Same as when negan or Elle came out people just spent money for defenses and did not have any skill…

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Agree cant wait to see its counter before finals

I run the same team, except I swapped Kapoor for guardian Rick. More control! Kapoor doesn’t deal too much damage, after all… and his maim is cured turn 2 by Pete.
The team works like a charm! Even though I resetted Michelle’s blade and am trying for 8% for quite some time, it still kills with a default weapon.

That looks like trash

Used to use guardian Rick but substituted him to focus more on hitting harder. Whilst Kap doesn’t always hit hard maim can be effective as weakens. Plus his heal with Pete’s just keeps folk alive bit longer when needed.

Michelle’s wep an mods… found she is still very very effective as an attack lead

I run priya lead christa alice or zander ajax harper and usually gets it done 3 turns and have rampage on priyas weapon and soon will have splash damage for Christa