Best Adrenaline Name


It’s Cain’s “Marked for Murder”. Andrea’s “Eagle eye” is second best.


By far the best adrenaline rush name :trophy:



I always add a ‘s’ to the end of it. Makes it even better.


Best AR name hands down is “TBD”


christa: stopping power (111ap)

nuff said.


I like any name that isn’t the stupid generic “adverb action


Malicious Mangling is the funniest AR I have ever heard, I’m not even mad when HS Jesus rushes (only slightly)


X-mas negan’s Ho-ho-homicide is my personal favorite


I forgot how great some of them are:

Lee’s Shots, Eat Lead!, Kicking Ass, Lucille Says Hello!, Kingdom Come, Dale’s Wisdom, Spirit Crusher, Ankle Biter, Low Blow…Bloody Bash.

Whew! I did a great job at just picking one.


We just need Carol’s " look at the flowers" ar.
Make it happen scopely.


Dale’s Wisdom


The Best is 4* Allen’s German Rush Name.

In English it’s just “Calm it Down”


TBD post must be 7 characters


thirst for flesh, bring the muscle, nuts and bolts, its clobberin time…wait, that last one is from something else


Sums up every pull I’ve ever made


For some reason, I like Hershel’s ‘Killing Row’ AR.
‘Bountiful Beatdown’ just sounds weird to me.
My favorite has to be ‘Come at Me’.


Rosita and i dont even want to upgrade her anymore xD



We need a 6* Carol with Look at the Flowers as the AR name. Brilliant.