Best 6* Teams Right Now


What is the best 6* team in the game??


Dwight leading 4 Michonne.


Any team with 2 erikas in it


Koa with two Dante is pretty tuff


Only two? Why stop at two? LOL!


Three Shanes and two Jessies.

Way OP!


2 erika
2 blue michonne
1 siddiq


Full green Carl teams, all equipped with stun swords.


In all seriousness, 3 erikas, Gov New Threat and Hershel for defense. For attack you could take it a few ways, but here’s my pick: Madison, shiva, Gov, Bruce and Erika


I don’t see any point


Spits hot fire 5x yo


1 dante 4 chainsaw alphas


Erika, Erika, Magna, Magna, Hershel. Good luck with that.


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