BEST 5* team back in the day?


What was the best 5* teams before 6* era? I would like to know because i wasnt playing before 6* era


Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Kenny.


Impair Michonne, yellow Sawyer, Teresa, Priya, Konrad. The list goes on and on

SR Zeke for sure


Blue michone and bluesita were up there


I had Tripp lead + Konrad, Hunter, Hunter & Auto Carl.

Got defends roughly 98% of the time. I miss that team :unamused:


Got me more defends than any team before or any team after. I had 4* Execution Dwight instead of Guardian Rick, but I don’t have that Dwight anymore :frowning: he was op for a 4*


That was my go to team. :muscle:


Mine was revive jesus and Rosita with trip Conrad and kenny


Past OP teams:

  • Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Kenny, Kenny
  • OG Morgan with a butchers cleaver as lead
  • Melee leader (Sam Mich or Sam Jesus), Shield Mich, Priya, Priya, Rez
  • Andrea, Konrad, Konrad, Hunter, X


Not sure what the best was back then but it was definitely Andrea lead for ranged and human shield Michonne for melee. This is my nest ranged and melee I can make with epics I scored recently… Which will most likely turn into fancy fodder…


My final all 5* defense before 6*. Windowless ofc


and then there was the near unstoppable at the time T1 offense. Being windowless could slow it…



5* zeke, Priya, Priya, Kal, Shield ( blue garret+impair better choice, red Magna+stun good too).
Kal with huge ap on weapon, so everyone AR turn2 lol. Good ol’times…


Replace your sandy with Whispers Jesus and Maggie with command Jesus that is what I ran for Months.


red erin. a whole team of stuns and there was nothing you could do about it. her lead was all ranged get 30% def against ranged and 30 attack against melee. super fucking anoying


For sure Sr zeke, 2X Priya, yellow Sawyer and fast Michonne. SUPER hard to kill if you did not have a good green toon lead and some stuns weapons ready (barely got them back in the day man… I miss it lol)


One of the annoying team at tha time :rofl:


Erin lead absolutely. And the best thing about her is that for a LOOOOONG time she was only available to the faction that won her in war. Made beefy teams even more beefy for about 6 months before they started offering her in other (VK) ways…


Angela or Negan Lead Sandy Victor any command toon Governor


I don’t know why y’all don’t remember but it was most certainly Konrad, Konrad, priya, priya, Priya. Everyone in the top factions seemed to be abusing that formation.