Best 5 stars top 10 whats urs


10:blue kenny

9:( red kid carl )basicly kenny hurt n heal but btter by 5%

8 (rick rise to power) his leader and ap rush at 5 star is good but ap gets nerfed on speed while leader skill gets buffed In 6 star

7(konrad )his gun has absolute defense and also he has amazing defense his ap rush gives him more defense Defense DEFENSE DEFENSE!!!

6 Yellow clem Sure her ap rush is very slow at 106 ap but her leader skill makes up for it with melee recieving 30 def and 30% more hp also her ap rush makes her good for walkers

5 abraham life ampng them his ap rush puts him at this spot doing damage to 3 enemies and then reviving 1 teamate with 50% of max hp

4 the govenor (or however u spell it) 'the calm before" he does 350% damage to 3 enemies and heals 3 teamates with 50%of max hp also i like the way hes designed

3 the wanderer his rush is good and stats are ok but design is amazing i always wanted this character but never got it.

2:negan a new beginning he has a good ap which does 350% damage to three enemies and also -55% defense also the design

1: rick days gone bye His design is amazing and also his ap rush does 275% damage to 1 enemy and all ajacent to it also his ap rush heals up 30% health for 2 turns and retribution too


In no particular order.
Magna shield
Sr zeke
Michonne shield
Ben or maria(for lead skill)
Honorable mention blue taunt michonne, hunter, and yellow sawyer


What about shiva or kirkman rick?


Yea Shiva rick is awesome I forgot about him. I never got him until recently so I never got to use him when he was good. He was a pain on defense in a good team though.


All of the above and Shiva force Michonne, she pops in two and then has +80% damage for 3 turns and she also has waste not. She was the best 5 star I ever got before 6 stars.


I won’t speak about ascendable 5* :
Blue taunt Michonne
Double katana Michonne
SR Ezekiel
Limited Edition Negan
Revive Rosita

Honorable mentions :
Thanksgiving Edition Hershel (still using him)
Victor for his debuff
Blue Carl


Rick - Shiva Force
Michonne - Shiva Force
Magna - human shield
Michonne - human shield
Ezekiel - Survival Road

Truthfully, I only have 3 of these, but they are all very powerful for 5s. I still use Tripp all the time in raids, and Zeke everywhere else.


nobody mentioned Andrea and she was the p2p meta for some time and then f2p meta for a looong time


Of the 5*'s I have:

Jesus - Limited Edition
Jesus - Whisper into screams
Michonne - in too deep
Michonne - A larger world
Rick - Safety behind bars
Zeke - SR
Maggie - Road to Survival 2
Rick - Days gone by

Honourable mention to Sophia - all out war, my first 5* :grinning:

Not necessarily the ‘best’ in game (would love to have a Konrad or Magna shield, Priya etc…) but all toons that became game changers for me. Michonnes Camo was (still is) a life saver and Jesus’ revive was a revelation when I got him (got SR jesus later on and he’s no where near as good), Even Maggie, who has a bit of a useless Tutor skill was a game changer when I got her. Never use her now but I thought she was something else at the time!


I can’t think of a blue 5 star Carl although I could be forgetting one. The 4 star blue Carl was very good for a 4 star though.


I’ma throw Red Kenny and Red Cowboy Andrea in that list because they are still very good viable leaders in taking down 6* Melee teams


The neutra 5*, hits 4 people and remove 20AP. Best character ever made


Prob mine with the most use

last one kenny I finally got. Been using him.


I love your pictures