Berserker map acting berserk?


So every time I complete a stage of the berserker rm it sends me back to town. Anyone else having the same issue?

Berserker map, bumped to main screen

Yep; same thing happens to me after every stage.


Same deal for me.


Soooooooooooo annoying… lol


Si, me pasa…raro que pase eso y bastante molesto


Yes, I’m having the same issue. Also having issue with being able to contact support. It won’t allow me to start a conversation.


Exactly what it should do. Beserker makes you go Beserk. See how they take things seriously?



It’s just a little thing I don’t know why it’s annoying me so much lol


Same here. Thought I was the only one.


Sorta like this and think it should be a feature if your survivors are full or something instead of the message u should be sent back to town to dump them off.


I started doing the berserker roadmap, after each stage, I’m taken back to my main screen.
Highly annoying, please fix.

Anyone else have this problem? Others in my faction have the same issue.


Yeah having the same problem, every time I finish a stage it kicks me back to the town screen. It a bit annoying.


Thanks for bringing this up. It’s known issue to our team, and it has been fixed already. The fix didn’t make it to the current version, but it will definitely be added to the next release.

The bug only occurs in certain roadmaps, so I hope you won’t be encountering it too often.

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Some players in faction reported not being able to finish the map due to this but and the likes. I am not 100% sure details but bugs are rampant from last update.


It has occurred on every single Berserker roadmap in both Act 1 and 2 for me.


Thank you!



My love for you is like a truck…Berserker!


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