Bentureveat caves

So apparently, “The Company”, to be named Voldemort, has pressured Bentureveat to remove content deemed “unsavory”. Considering the current climate and slew of "lass action going on, I understand their desire to suppress.

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?? Article is still up.

I will be down shortly. Legal pressure.

Yeah, right.

Seriously… Auto-Hidden?

I would like to point out the article was changed at least twice already to fit narrative of defense.

Even if they pressured VentureBeat, it’s been archived at the Wayback machine internet archive. Wayback will not remove it, and, while IANAL, it’s just as valid for any legal proceedings, which, btw, aren’t really appropriate to discuss here.

Where is it appropriate to discuss???

Any place that’s not Scopely’s property.


Pfft. That pesky 1st amendment! I know, I know, bla bla, Scopley owns this “intellectual” property…

Might have to ask PewDiePie to hit this for fun. I wonder what kind of publicity that would generate???

IANAL, but I’m guessing there’s a reason they sometimes tell their clients not to have any discussions with the other party except through counsel. Far more likely to hurt your case than help it.


Always not Sometimes. I am not a client… yet :wink:

I have been around for a painfully long time. I remember you before your “stardom” as well as Khali etc. Ahhh, the days of God of War with our fearless and mostly drunk leader Dashi and Bdid.

Prior to the Great Change in MiddleScopely when the death of 5*s, and the loss of the first Whales came to pass…

/Lights Pipe

Good times indeed.

Also not so great for business


So, you understand that Scopely controls the rhetoric here, you understand that you’re far more likely to hurt any future legal matters by discussing it here, and yet…hmm.

Absolutely fascinating.

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first rule of scopely club
never talk bad about scopely


Normally, your logical fallacy would go unchecked Lady, but I am far from normal :wink:

The points I brought forward are already part of public record, as you so perfectly pointed out. If I were to shed new light upon impending litigation, then I might be jeopardizing that dialog…or diatribe if it were Scopley.



Um… Scopley who???

This is why other countries don’t take the US seriously, why must the actual constitution be brought up into everything and anything to ever happen on the internet.

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'Murica fuck yeah!

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