Benny added to depot


very nice



I was hoping for a different Benny…


Niiiice!!! About Time! Get some Aden’s in there too.


Benny’s Bananas! That’s a nice sight. Is Benedict still in the assault depot as well though?


anybody spotted any lilliths?


. Only need 12 more now


See its a great way to get gear :wink:


My fac mate was lucky enough to have one on extreme sale, nice debut! Will be great if it’s like the same slot in the FA depot and has liliths/trait trainers too.


Brady’s in there too :sweat_smile:

No 6* Gear though :cold_sweat:


Yea basil as well


Refills in supply depot???


Is the supply depo refreshing everyday now? Mines has refreshed and still says it will refresh again in another 6 hours.


Mine shows 4 days which is when it wouldve reset anyways. So I think it just got a bonus reset when gear depot went live to remove the gear slot and add the trainer slot


the supply markers refreshed after the update i believe, i had it refreshed on sunday and either yesterday or today again. but on 5 days timer


Yeah, I just bought some world cans.


Thanks! I was getting nervous there.


i got a basil.but just having higher rarity chars in there is a world of difference. mesns war sd point boxes arent wholly useless now.


Same here. mine resets again on Thursday.


750 for t4 5* gear, 250 for flak/beans, 2250 for sb/walkies.

100k food is 150 points.


One ten pull