Benedict crates

Good point🤗

I’m not sure where I seen it but prob saw it on foroums and in game somewhere and three faction and I been buying bennies for like 2 weeks since I found out they were giving a free Eugene for every Benny I hate scopley and I love pointing fingers at them but I knew for like 2 or 3 weeks so sorry to say this ones on u guys


Maybe it’s time to designate someone in your faction to be the official information guru :slightly_smiling_face:
They’d be responsible for reading every blog post (the news item), watching some content creators videos, checking for pinned posts on the forums, and following some key chat groups in Line or Discord.

You could even spread that among multiple people. Have them find out info and pass it along to the rest of the faction. They could send in game email to everyone or even put it on the faction bulletin board.


I made a jest and get called out on it, well…

I get it you are really disapointed / angry, just don’t take it out on others. The point is, that the player base (specifically here on the forums) have been calling for improved communication for a long time. We got it in the form of the blog and there it stopped…
Scopely does not communicate via in-game messages (they only send messages at the start of event), so you should not have expected to warn you on the Benny/Eugene situation either. If you didn’t read the post, didn’t follow up on the forums (as many other players did not), you haven’t been prepared because:

Not reading the blog was your choice…

If you want to rectify that situation (as in for future instsnces ensure a proper messge / banner or whatever form of notification you deem necessary is being provided), then flag it to scopely. Fill out the surveys, apply for a seat on the Players Council, or simply send messages to Tex and TayTron.

If you just want to complain here, then accept the possibility that you’d be ridiculed…

Can someone shed light as to why losing out on Eugene is a big deal? Aren’t Benedict’s like gold in this game? So you didn’t open the crates but you still get the cards right?


What a sad commentary that this is to be expected behavior from people.

I did not come here 100% just to complain. There was a reason for the complaint: to bring awareness (hopefully to Scopely or PC members) that I think this is a communication issue that needs work and to see how many other agree. Got my answer to that last one.

The reason why all you get are negative comments and personal attacks for posts like this is because the people posting these negative responses are all the same people who read forum posts 24/7 and eat/live/breathe this game. As such they all got their reward/bonus and can be all smug and shame the people who don’t lurk here 24/7 and blame them for losing out. I’m sure you’ll all claim that you wouldn’t be upset if you missed something like this and you’d totally 100% blame yourself for it.


I should know better than to post anything like this here. Lesson learned.

That’s rich. Seems the other way around. I (and OP) complain about something and everyone piles on.

Why can’t people just ignore posts like this if all they’ll do is ridicule, or perhaps actually make respectful and constructive responses and suggestions like @LadyGeek ? BTW thanks for the great suggestion. I’ll work on that. :slight_smile:

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Because having a one sided argument is kinda like patting yourself on the back as if everyone agreed.

Point of a forum is for others to argue about why or why not the suggestion is important/useful.

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Agree, but it can/should be done in a respectful way. Ridiculing, blaming, shaming, etc. is disrespectful and non-productive. But this is the internet so… lol

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Lost ascension fodder. Can’t use trainers for this anymore, not that you should’ve before anyway since they are worth way more xp than normal 5* toons.

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If I offended you, I am sorry. I was aiming for my comment to be a jest, a little jab at you not to take it so seriously. Obviously, I failed at that and it was interpreted as patronizing or downright rude.

I don’t take myself all that seriously and whenever I make a mistake, I own up to it and ridicule myself openly. Not sure how many times I pulled at the short end of the rope, but I accept this game for what it is.

The call for improved communication came a year ago during PlayersUnited. We got it in the form of the Blog. People pushed for more (the improved communication being a regular mention in @Parker’s weekly recaps) and there is zero signals for any further intentions to improve from Scopely’s side. So yeah, since I signed up for the forum, I am quite the regular visitor here, but first and foremost I make sure that I do read everything that pops up in the game newsblog - because every (even occasional) forum visitor gets to understand that the forum is a players discourse, with virtually zero information or feedback acknowledgment from the company…

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I honestly agree sending an in game message would have been the best course of action. Then i remember Scopely probably didn’t want everyone to know about the conversion so they would have to give out less free stuff

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Clearly you have not mastered the art of the skillfully placed smiley face with tongue hanging out to indicate you are joking. lol Apology accepted.

BTW, I did actually read the entire blog post prior to the update. It was just so damn long I probably zoned out about half-way through it. In looking at it again I still feel that this was just another sentence jammed in a very lengthy post and, as it affected inventory or gave compensation, probably should’ve been better highlighted, perhaps by bringing back the red blinking HTML tag. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(That was a joke)

If a blog is all we get then I guess it’s better than nothing. I’ll use a fine tooth comb next time.

Yeah, my bad… the :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: is actually a favorite of mine, right next to the :confused:

Sorry again for being a jackass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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