Benedict crates

So I have 100 Benedicts in crates to save roster space, and get no Eugenes for them. So I get penalised massively for not opening all my crates yesterday??? Doesn’t seem that fair to me.


It was explicitly stated only Benedict’s in your roster would receive eugene. You also knew when the update would be live, should have opened them all before updating. This one is on you boss


Looks very fair for me. Every choice is a renunciation, you decided to not open your crates moments before the update comes so no Eugenes for you.
I saved some bags for ages and just opened all of them yesterday waiting for the update today.


Yeah sorry mate I am struggling to see how this was unfair for you. There was SO much pre-warning on this.


I also opened my bags and crates before it goes live. They specifically stated only Bennies in the roster will have equivalent Eugenes.
Sorry mate on this.

Yeah I guess so. Oh well chalk it up as yet another embittering experience. After 5 years you’d think I’d be used to it.

I totally understand, I have plenty of crates and saw the warnings that it would only be roster Bennies. But also saw the many players that said they had lost Bennies with early updates. So I kept them in the bags as I’d rather not get the Eugenes than risk losing loads of my Bennies since it was Scopely doing the update.
Not too bothered tbf, its only really a short term thing. Will score a bit lower in 1 level up so not the end of the world.

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Where? Because i read the quick update post about 25.0 update informations, but there was not any mention about eugenes for benedicts…

Also that update went live randomly too…

It was stated in the original “in depth” look post about the update.


It was announced on the blog yesterday what time it was going fully live


This was a huge deal. I lost 300+ Eugene’s because of this (several Benedictx10 crates plus 31 Supreme Crates that are 99.9% to contain 15 Benny’s each).

@TayTron This particular warning should have been sent via in game message not buried as a single sentence in a very long news posting.

Since the post seems to have been pulled (?) I can’t verify that this was made abundantly clear e.g It should have said “You will not get Eugene’s for any unopened crates containing Benedicts” I highly doubt this was stated as such since people were asking specifically if this was the case (with NO definitive response from Scopely cm’s)


The post has been unpinned but it will still be there if you search for it. The blog post is also available in game.

But no, it wasn’t worded like that. It just said they were giving us a Eugene for each Benedict in our roster. The roster is different to the inventory so it should have been clear. But they could have also answered the questions since some people didn’t think it was.


You didn’t lose any Eugenes. You just didn’t get them rewarded as the conditions have not been met.

I am also not saying that I lost 2k S-class cards from the top1 level up rank just because I decided to stop levelling at 1.4M milestone…

Besides, the only motivation for Scopely to give out Eugenes was to compensaye for the “possibility” of using Benedicts for ascension. Are you trying to ascend 37 toons now? (On top of all toons you can ascend with Eugenes you did get from the Bennies in your inventory)


Are you serious?! How many update announcements or events announcements you see in game?!
Stop searching for excuses for your own mistakes, people. Scopely is no angel, but that was YOUR choice…




Well ‘choice’ isn’t quite accurate, since that implies recognition that an action needed to be taken. But yes, it is on me. Just as the choice to do the 110 pulls I did for Raven back in the day to get 104 4*s and 6 turds is on me. And the choice to spend money on survivors club and monthly pass and various other wasted money is on me. Not to mention the choice to log in for about 1,800 consecutive days is on me. And when I look at it like that, well we’re all getting shafted aren’t we, and it’s our choice to take it.

So we’ll argue semantics then. You are correct. I didn’t “lose” any Eugenes because I never received them but I did “lose out” on Eugenes that I would have had if I had opened my crates prior to the update. You knew full well what I meant; why even make a comment like this unless it’s to make yourself feel superior.

Not even remotely the same thing but go ahead and try to make your argument with an example that is completely irrelevant. This was not a tournament. Your comparison is nonsensical. This was yet another example of Scopely trying to improve communication and falling short (though admittedly they have make great strides in this area).

There have been prior situations similar to this where people were given advanced warning about the change via in game message so they could prepare. This should have been one of those in my opinion. You are entitled to your opinion.

37, no but eventually yes. I have about 10 waiting for ascension right now and got very few Eugene’s (about 12) since I didn’t want to fill my roster with all the Benny’s and was not aware of this issue, so I lost out on the 68 more Eugene’s I could’ve used to ascend these toons.


You don’t have bennies if you’ve only got a 99% chance of getting them. Opening the crates might have given you something else instead. So on that logic, aside from allegedly hidden announcements, what scopely did was right.

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I see now, thanks. They stated it in the TL;DR post. Great, one of the most important information is under a 15min long essay. Typical scopely.