Being cheep=sky is the limit


Because scopley are greedy mofos and want everyone possible buying refills.




Text on a screen doesnt convey tone of a response :man_shrugging:


I could understand the gripe… if there wasn’t enough time to complete it with natural energy. But there is. I have no problem with the move. Yes you need to be active to get these two premier characters.

And now they are adding lug nuts to raid events. Give credit where credit is due. Everyone was complaining about lack of sr cans, and they added them to Sunday story and milestones. I’m up to 40. People were complaining about the faction sr being 23 hours, well it’s been 36 hours. Every little change doesn’t need a complain thread.


On a 10 point scale (10 being most, 1 being not) How annoyed are you currently at the game?

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  • 9
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Great movie, The Golden Child.


Love old school Eddie Murphy movies. Before he was a parent he was hilarious.




If you go back to previous sr event. They didnt offer any batteries in last stage. It was a key then 3 stages of batteries and then mod scraps. This time they gave batteries up to legendary. But was about the same amount. So they tried to give the appearance they were giving more batteries when in fact they were not.


So good. Then, he met disney money. Lol.
Him and Arsenio were a great team


But they gave enuff SR cans in raids for all to complete easily…

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