Being cheep=sky is the limit


scoply proving once agian how cheep thy are by keeping 636 bettries in legendry before it was in elite…


No idea what “cherpster” or “cheepster” are, but they sound derogatory so I’ll agree.

That said, we’ve had plenty free SR cans in raid milestones, so if you don’t have any to crack open, you probably aren’t grinding hard enough to need the batteries anyway…


Not sure anyone will have enough keys


Anyone know what he said?


You seem to be really unhappy. Idk why anyone who is this unhappy would continue to play.


I do it’s called gaming addiction


I do enjoy the game sometimes (mainly during war) but hate “cheepster” scopely with a passion.

Maybe cheepster means they like to cheep like a bird… who knows


Pretty sure this summarizes it…



Makes sense now its all the tears blurring his vision that made him spell like a 6 year old.
Cheep cheep scopely making u work for your bettries we feel for u :wink:


The making fun of non native english speakers on this forum is way beyond stale.

It’s clear to anyone with basic cognitive capabilities to understand that he’s saying how he feels that it’s a cheap and unfair tactic to place the highest total of batteries in the legendary slot when it was in elite before.

And it is because in every other contest thus far it has been in the 2nd to last NOT the last milestone. So why the change now?


Coz they realised they gave us a load of SR cans and they want them back there meant to be P2P only someone at scopely forgot!

And calm down we only being silly FFS


Didn’t see his name was Asian thort he was just a child with poor spelling tbh

And to be fair his profile pic looks 5 year old at most :wink:


Das war jetzt nicht sehr schön … es ist nicht der Drogenfehler


thanks friend for undersanding


I dont understand whether you are making puns or can not spell…


It’s as if OP only makes threads to complain about everything ingame…


Cause the game is asš


No shocker here.Didn’t they lower milestones rewards then put them right back up couple weeks later?


Better to make a post complaining about the game than to create some that contribute nothing at all to the forum… cough


Haha, good thing I’m not like that… wait…