Being a mild p2p... what should I be buying?


To start, I guess I’d classify myself as a p2p but nowhere near a p2w or a whale. I have some decent chars like michonne, Erika and blue Carl but I haven’t pulled for any of the new OP’s bc my track record for pulling promos isn’t very good . I can’t afford to keep pulling if I don’t get the promo on the first 40. I buy mostly 7day offers, good coin offers and good gold mod offers. So I’m asking the spenders… should I save up and only do pulls, or should I keep doing what I’m doing and buy the good offers?


Is this post for real


I don’t think there are any good offers.


Also i mild spender:

Buy the 7 day offers. Monthly pass. Offers with liliths and uly.(dont buy the “rush offer”) cheaper coin offer (2880 coins). Also i you dont think u can complete SR or hit raid milestones, buy cans.


Fallout 76 and red dead redemption 2


No if you’re gonna buy the coin offers buy the 100$ one … It’s more coins in the long run


Red dead 2 is gonna be great


Mods. Weekly offer.

Lead skill toons you require to be better offensively or serious gaps you are missing.

If your trying to be selective, be sure it’s something that already fits with what you have.

Ask your self, what’s your weakest link, and wait to replace that toon.


One of the most logic comment here, actually this is good for f2p too.


Buy food offer


watch out for what you’re buyimg…
you could be buying silver mods disguised as gold mods…


Follow up question, my money is no good, I spend and get garbage, are we supposed to give handy j’s To get stuff or nah


You should be buying stock in apple


Or put it all into gambling at a real casino.

Atleast there you can have real returns.



Post made me chuckle at the attempt to distinguish between paying players.

Since the post spent words on it… let me say, you are not a P2P player. Aside from gloves and shirts, this is not a P2P game, so you can’t be a P2P player.

All game features are open to everyone without paying.

If you are paying, you are doing so to win. That makes you a P2W player, if perhaps a low spending one.


The premier wheel is probably among the worst values in the game. Its great if you can get the toon, but IMO, the odds don’t really warrant pulling for anything other than top toons you know you would use, and even then with the odds i give it no more than 2 ten pulls.

Some of the crates have decent items. And some offers like the recent 7 day offer that had 25 Year3 tokens. I think those probably have the most entertainment value.


Lately I’ve been spending a fair bit on the game Ngl hate myself for it😂, but I don’t even have Erika Carl or michonne you gotta be buying those coin offers every time there out lol


Not Hitman 2?


Spend on every cool looking promo. Expect to get him within your first 200 pulls. Can’t beat it! That’s that I do!


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