Before yet another person asks if accounts can be merged

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Overwrite not merge? That’s a bunch of BS.
They said merge would combine everything.
And yes, I have multiple regions with multiple toons I’d like to have merged into one account.
I hope they reconsider that terrible decision.


Merging accounts is a terrible idea in my opinion. It would be quite an unfair advantage over people who stuck to one region if people were allowed toons, mods, and weapons from multiple regions. This is one scopely got right.


I can’t help it if others were too lazy to manage multiple regions.
Why should we be penalized for your laziness?


Wow. Someone has an awfully big ego there. And shouldn’t be so judgy and quick to call names. I actually do play in 2 regions actively, as well as a few other minor accounts in other regions. I would never in a million years expect my accounts to merge. Every account should only have one set of free mods and toons to keep the game balanced.


Not ego, I’m butt hurt. I’ve been farming additional regions since they said they would merge, not overwrite.

You, of all people, should know what it takes to maintain multiple refional rosters.
No reason they can’t merge. It’s not cheating to grind and grind then merge the fruits of hard labor.

By not allowing a merging of accounts it’s like stealing the time/money sunk into other regions.


Like I said, I don’t want my accounts merged, and never expected them to be. That is a completely unfair advantage over others. I also saw them say they would not be merging accounts from the start. Please show me a link where scopely ever said they would merge. I would love to see it. I can show you where they said merging is not transferring on June 16.


I agree. Mergering multiple accounts into one will never happen… nor should it.


it wouldn’t be an unfair advantage.
Its a long walk for a short joke.

There is nothing unfair about putting in many extra game play hours to play across multiple regions.
Its a lot of extra hassle for relatively little rewards.
I’m on about 20 regions, most of them have nothing worth mentioning (like not even a 5 star), it would be far from game breaking to pull them all together - especially if it wasn’t free to do so.

Meanwhile there are people out there who spent a bunch of money on a region, then it died and they had to start over - how is it fair to them that they can’t keep everything they’ve paid for?


I always thought the announcements were about region transfers… the talks of region merges just started by people in the community. Don’t think any of the scopely reps actually confirmed merges. Not 100% sure I am right though


I think you are right.
Scopely never specified merging.
Just surprised because they are a business and I would have thought they would be more into monetizing merging than doing what most of the players (on the fourms) perceive as “fair”.

This can be unfair depending on how it would be played out and what you have on both rosters. You can’t tell me it’s not unfair if you see, as an example, 5 max 6 star Erikas on 1 team because of the merging. This is only my opinion and you are entitled to yours.


TL:DR - I can’t figure out how/why people think merging would be unfair or game breaking.
(As in I am genuinely interested in why so many other players imagine this would be such a huge problem)

Indeed we are entitled to our own opinions.

Mine being (to use your specific example): if somebody has multiple Erikas spread across different regions, then hey, one way or another they earned them and are entitled to them - if they pay some kind of modest fee to merge them to where they want to use them. Hardly unfair…

I would speculate that there are probably few, if any, people out there sitting on multiple regions full of top tier meta defining maxed out toons.

Maybe you’d find some people who have a full roster of maxed out 5 stars that they left to rot a year ago when they moved to a new region - but, so what? They’d have slightly more territory fodder and SR options., that’s all.

Anybody can hop over to a region and within an hour get a free elite token at level 5, and if they go back there during XP road map they can get another one at level 13 in about 1 more hour. If you do that 100 times you may have a player with a handful of 5 stars but they wouldn’t have had the gear or resources to level them up much.

Anyways, this is all strictly theoretical, we are getting a transfer, not a merge ^_~

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I agree that they are entitled to use them, but use them on the account they got them on. They didn’t get all of them on one account so why would it be fair for them to use it on one account. Also scopely gave mods away for free via the roadmaps ar the launch so people with multiple accounts would have a distinct unfair advantage via those free mods. The right decision is to not merge accounts or make the merging some insanely high fee like $400 to merge each account, so if someone pay that to merge an account we know that person would buy everything anyway.


yeah, I wouldn’t mind being able to put all regions into one, gives me a few more teams for FA and a few hundred refills I never got to use in other regions.

But seriously, we got tons of free medals in each region, tons of free gear, getting double or more rewards from events etc, I cannot see how it could be fair to merge all regions into one. It could probably be ok if we were able to move one toon, but not the entire stock of toons, weapons, fills, medals, etc…

For those that have had to abandon regions, dead regions it would have been nice for them to have a merge of sorts… But with conditions of not being able to merge in dupes but that is not gonna happen. Some would have 14 + erikas if straight merge, no thanks

So I gather you are not planning to transfer at all ever then?

I mean, all that stuff you have, you are only entitled to use it where you got it right?

Where did the ever say “merge”? I only ever read transfer

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The thing that I primarily advocate for is specific at cost cut and paste merges.

Simply another thing like the Supply Depot, where you click on a toon on weapon, pay some coins, and then cut and paste it to a different region.

Let’s be clear: I don’t expect it.

I just think its a bad business decision by Scopely to not do this and I am disappointed that they are on this one occasion choosing butt-hurt reduction over profits >_< (who ever would have predicted this!)

Context: I’ve been hedging my bets for 2 years, I assumed they would eventually offer something like a merge for coins function - I’m out 100+ hours of wasting time starting new regions and working them up to level 13

We are saying that things earned on separate accounts should stay separate. Take your accounts wherever you want when transfers open, but separately as they were earned separately. No one should be able to combine the free mods from 10 different accounts roadmaps into one account. That is an unfair advantage. I wouldn’t ask to merge my 2 accounts together.