Before I try to pull for her

Before I try to pull for alpha is she worth it if I get her meaning would she be a very good defense or would it just be meh? Would beta be better?

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The chance that you pull either of them is super slim. If you get her though, you can experiment with her in attack and defence.


Would she be good for defense? Is she worth it for defense is my main concern. @Wanderer @Kodak_black . Please let me know your thoughts and wisdom.

Personally, I think that her Evasion skill works better on attack since you are able to control your adrenaline rush


I think Beta is better personally purely because yellow characters on defence are getting slaughtered by Diego/Alpha/Shawn.

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Her adrenaline rush gives 2 others adrenaline rush… that would be great for defense and offense

I wouldn’t use her on defense to simply put it.

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I like the confidence that it’s a forgone conclusion youre choosing who to go for in the same wheel as it’s guaranteed… I need your moxie


Yes it’s worth pulling for an yes it’s good for both attack and def purposes depending on what mods u select but the odds aren’t in ur favor my freind scopley just wants ur money

Lol NO dont donate $$$ for Scopely

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If u know how to use her in offense she would be awesome. her activeskill is key
In def didn’t saw her

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Not like you have a choice of the 2 . Likely wont get 1 but if you do as always depends on your roster and what you build around it.

I would use her in defense IF she was given to me, but I don’t feel she is pull worthy. Her weapon cannot be disarmed and its sets the attacker back A LOT.

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I could see her being trouble on defense especially with all the toons that have the random multi attacks now that you can’t control. For example, a Bruce rush targets her second or a decap sandy rush. Otherwise, she should be easy to control.

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