Been very quiet from scopley

Has it been this quiet from scopley or kalishane before?

Yea. Every single weekend.


Too much negativity. From late war start to her rewards being different, she won’t be commenting for a while.


:thinking: Why do you ask? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bc the quiet is deafening lol.

True some devs have been on but I guess nothing concerns them :slight_smile:

It’s Monday…usually in meetings or not on forums till later today or Tuesday.
She and devs has said this before…js.

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Ah well new to the forums so trying understand how things work.

I believe people don’t know what her job is.
She’s not in charge of the rewards. That’s Live Ops fault. Which in turn they answer to the suits.

This was probably a decision made by the corporate staff. Trying to see if people would buy coins and refills to stay between 1st and 6th.

That failed miserably. So they release a promo for a revive to try and cope with their losses.

Expect a promo for Erika in the near future.


Sounds about right. Pretty sure not too many people pulled for Dev. Why do they waste their time making crap toons? They should know what people will pay for and that’s toons like Michonne and Erika.

I swore I would never pay for a 40 pull and I won’t but if they offered up either of them or Hershel for $100 I would do it. (Yeah I know they wont. Let me fantasize over here.)

Some one is around - Posts still magically disappearing


It’s magic

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