Been playing for a few days, but was wondering if i can get coins outside of completing missions


I’ve heard of tapjoy but I don’t know how to access it.


Get out your wallet


i dont see the app in the store or any link ingame


At level…6? theres the racetrack that has a billboard. poke the billboard. go watch videos or play other shit for in game $$…sell soul…repeat


what do you mean


You can buy coins. Meaning get the credit card and apend to win


the billboard is greyed out


i got a good faction but im just wondering how to get the coins lol


no my faction is rank 24. im used to p2w games because im playing star wars galaxy of heroes lol.


Don’t listen to the jaded but do keep my money in your wallet. Have fun & keep surviving.


Well in that case good luck to you sir. Honestly I wouldn’t drop all that much into this game. General consensus is it might not make it to summer. But enjoy. It can be a ton of fun and would be great if Scopely would fix it.


Upgrade your town and get to player level X to get that billboard. From there its all coasting (Until you report coins missing and have to wait 2-28 days for tapjoy to finally credit you after a whack-a-mole back and forth email chain)


Don’t mind the haters. RTS can be a plenty fun game, and now is a good time to be starting as they’re ramping up after the Christmas lul. You don’t need to be in a top faction, or spend heaps of money to grow. You just need to maximise your resources. We call it grinding. You probably know this if you’re familiar with the pay to win model.

To answer your question, the billboard near the raceway is where you access offers. I’m not sure what player level it opens up at, but keep at it and it shouldn’t take too long.

You will have two options. Videos, and offers:

Videos pay out 3 coins per watch and they’re 15-30 seconds long. I find it never allowed me to watch more than 30 movies a day, but if you’re putting them on in the background while you’re doing something that’s easy enough to achieve. Videos can be a bit buggy. You may find that it tells you that there are no offers available. If it does, just tap okay and try again. Often it will work on the second or third try. This bug is actually great because you can speed up timers by watching videos, and you can get 3 free speed ups per day when the bug presents. Payment for videos is generally considered to be reliable.

Offers can be very lucrative. Some offers are for upwards of 1000 coins for doing things like playing a game and achieving a character or building level. Look right through the offers as sometimes there will be different offers for the same game, but you can only complete one of those offers. Read, and get a screenshot of your offer. There will sometimes be time limits on offers, for example reach town hall level 7 in 7 days. If you go over this time limit, you will not be paid. One game I played 45 minutes 4 times a day for a week and was still unable to achieve the goal, so watch out for impossible to complete offers. They are out there.

Also, tapjoy has a big reputation for failing to make good on their offers. You may reach town level 10 on the 5th day, then play for a couple more hours and still not be provided your coins. When you open a case with them you receive a message saying that there are more complaints than usual and they are understaffed. This is a lie, and has been up for months. You will be given a generic run around response telling you to open the game and play for another 10 minutes. It does nothing. They won’t reply to your emails and you will be essentially left with no way to get the problem resolved. You may find that you receive your coins out of nowhere several weeks/months after the fact, though this is definitely not the norm. I have been ripped twice out of about six or seven offers. The first, I never received the coins. The second I did, maybe two months later. I never received any non automated communication.

I think I probably wrote a lot more there than I needed to. Sorry. Let me know if I missed, or was unclear with anything.


What Steve said!


That is great news, just what this game needs! Now there is button at lower part of screen called “Shop”, look for “best value” (this gives me bursts of laughter every time) and get it few times. Now look at the right part of the screen at premiere wheel and pull like hell, at least 4-5 big pulls per promo. Also since you are going to spend, no point staying in 24th faction, go to top 3-5.


Get the 30 day pass gives you 70 coins a day


I think the 30 day pass is great. I spend a lot of time on this game so it seems reasonable to contribute something. It’s not an excessive amount, and those coins come in handy for wars, cans, and refreshing YGLs. You get a crate at the end too. The crate isn’t awesome, but more often than not you’ll get fodder to ascend a toon and that’s nothing to scoff at.

The guys that say to quit now like to give advice that they can’t take. I suspect the hate drives them. Like, maybe they can’t get out of bed in the morning without looking at a game they hate. I just use coffee, but hey, go with what works for you. :blush:


Lol bro. Don’t discourage the new players. Hehehe.


Allow me to retort,

  1. Scopely is a business. Their whole reason for existence is to generate money. I really don’t see what the problem is. Is there anyone on these forums that doesn’t want money?

  2. I think you wrote someone instead of something. Probably autocorrect, but if I’m wrong, please explain this sentence to me because I don’t understand. Anyway, no. I am not in any way affiliated with Scopely. To be honest, I find some of the pricing and RNG to be unethical. Therefore I do not partake in premier recruit pulls. That’s my choice. If others want to do so, fine. I’m a libertarian. I think people should have the right to decide for themselves what they want to do, and if they have impulse control issues, that is for them to resolve.

  3. I don’t care if you listen to me. I’m only expressing an opinion. Kind of like taste in music. It’s subjective.

  4. if you can buy an XBOX for the price of a monthly pass, DO IT!

  5. Cheating is an ongoing issue in this game and from what I’ve read, VK seems to be a reliable source for it. I think that’s pretty unethical too, and if you do it, I hope you get caught and banned. As I said, I’m a libertarian. Do what you want, but deal with the consequences yourself.


what is your faction ? and what is your region ?