Been over 2 weeks now my game has been continuously restarting an no help from support

Ok where do i start,i have had several faction friends make it known on here that my game is in a constant restart loop, after joining a region i had a small account in.As soon as it said transfer complete,its been restarting after about 6 or 7 seconds,been this way now going on for 2 weeks,support is a friggen joke,always something copy an paste an nothing to do with anything i said…i have sent countless messages to try to get this fixed,but nothing is done…its not like i just started an it happened.I have been playing for 3 yrs an spent thousands…I’m really getting fed up with the B.S. I have lost my log in streak which was perfect,missed 2 wars,countless other events an promos ect.ect…What do i got to do to get it fixed,or ill take a complete refund an be done with it…

Please open a support ticket via the web portal at . They should be able to sort you out. If you don’t get a solution from them, send a dm to @JB.Scopely here on the forums and he can communicate with the support team.

Two weeks and you still have not abandoned this s**t and start on something better in your life?

Walk away. It’s a sign

I would take advatage of this situation to quit, ask for a refund and move on.

i have opened countless tickets,its a waste of friggen time,i have never seen so many support people that can answer a ticket an not help whatsoever

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believe me im trying to,but cant get nowhere on either,its so aggravating to be done like this

All I can say is hope JB sees this and talks to you about it.

Over the last week the app has become really unstable. Crashes in Territories went from once in a while to around 50% of my fuel. The app started crashing during raids. It crashed on the town screen and it just crashed when I did a pull.

Multiple support tickets raised, the responses were all the same. 810+ day login streak here and leader of a faction.

My faction mates are more and more vocal each day about the app crashing. If nothing done to fix the issues people are experiencing, I think we are done.

In the patch notes for version 17, it includes a fiX for ‘Whenever a team is defeated and removed from a territory the game resets’. I’m hearing it’s not 100% working, but I also know this is something they’re very interested in fixing and the next version should help a good number of players with this issue.

I’m sorry you’re having so many problems. I pointed out this thread to JB in hopes he can give some insight as to the source of the delay.

The crashes are no longer isolated to Territories. I have no confidence in making any further transactions in the app.

When you get through to them they will blame your phone and ask you to go back in time and screen shot everything.

lol lucky i still have everything screen shot from transfer…

i heard the person that can help is @CombatMan @CombatDevIl a developer.You are my last ditch effort to save my account i have spent thousands on,an been playing for 3yrs…I have tried an tried to get support to help but its always same thing then they close my tickets without even looking at the problem.Its going on now for over 2 weeks…Im a co-lead as well so its not going over to well being out for so long…All started when i went to return to a region i had a small account in,after it said transfer successful it restarts every 7 seconds

hmm no reply in 2 days

wow still no help…smfh…this is pathetic

Try unequippping a mod then click apply, just use a bronze, the upgrade it once, the re-equip the previous mod, and clear everything in your team list :slight_smile:

huh!i cant even get on the game,how am i supposed to unequip a mod,seriously?

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I just want to know if the issue is even being looked at like some of the support says or not,i mean over 3 weeks seems to me like they are not even trying to fix it… @JB.Scopely